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Click for details about Worms 12C  400 pellets

(410)  Worms 12C 400 pellets  
(411)  Zincum Met 6X 1/2 oz with 400 pellets  
Worms combination is offered for humans or animals troubled by parasites. Worms combination in a 12C potency to help balance the intestinal tract. A healthy intestinal tract is less conducive to paras (more info)  
Zincum Met, Zinc Met, is an important mineral for the immune system. Zincum Met in homeopathic potency can help the body utilize Zinc better from food sources and supplements. Zincum Met speeds skin h (more info)  
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Buy Worms 12C  400 pellets
Sales Price: $15.99
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Buy Zincum Met  6X 1/2 oz with 400 pellets

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