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Product: Belladonna 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets 10% OFF SALE
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Belladonna's provings indicate a beneficial action on the circulatory system and blood vessels, listed for fevers and headaches.
Use Belladonna 30C when fever, abscess, or inflammation include the modality of redness on ears, face or throat.
Belladonna is useful for throbbing headaches, lightheadedness.
Belladonna is helpful when feel overly sleepy, yet unable to sleep.
Belladonna mental symptoms include overemotional state, critical and complaining, can’t handle least bit of upset.
Worse with: Bright Light, noise, motion, lying down, in the afternoon, drafts, cold winds, sensitive to touch.
Better with: Pressure or sitting up.
Belladonna is from the Nightshade plant, through the process of dilution, homeopathic remedies no longer contain a whole molecule of plant and is now without side effects.
Belladonna's Mini Materia Medica:
Children: Useful for colds and flu, sore throats, rapid high fever.
A great children's first aid remedy. Child may be prone to swollen glands.
Dental: Throbbing pain in teeth. Grinds teeth. Useful for toothache that is throbbing, especially right-sided.
Circulation: A great circulatory remedy. Useful for cold hands and feet due to poor circulation.
Earache: Useful for ear pain that is throbbing, beating. Earache in right ear.
Fever: Helpful for extreme high fever that comes on suddenly, then breaks just as suddenly. Skin is dry, burning hot; feels hot to the touch. Feet are icy cold. No thirst with fever. Red face, Hot, dry skin. Cold hands and feet. Restlessness. 
Headache: Throbbing headache. Flushed hot face, but extremities are cold. Sunstroke.
Mouth: Helpful for dry mouth. Throbbing pain in teeth. Grinds teeth. 
Respiratory: Beneficial for short, dry, tickling cough. Worse at night. Better when sitting up.
Skin: Helpful for skin that is dry, hot, swollen, e.g. measles, mumps and chicken pox.
Sleep: Useful for person who is sleepy, but cannot sleep.
Sore Throat: Helpful for throat that is a bright, red color. Strawberry tongue.
Stomach: Useful for stomach with no appetite, swollen, distended, hot, tender.. Very thirsty, but dreads drinking.
Throat: Helpful for dry, red, sore throat. Worse right side. Tonsils are swollen. Throat feels constricted, like it has a lump in it. Difficulty swallowing even liquids.
Dosage and potency guidelines.

3 pellets at one time as one dose. Dissolve, slowly chew, or place pellets under tongue.
Take 1 to 4 times  daily.
Use with less frequency as improvement is made.

Economy 1 oz 800 pellets 265 doses. 10 times larger than multidose tubes. Regularly $26,95, 10% SALE, $23.59.

$23.59 Buy Belladonna 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets 10% OFF SALE