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Frequently Asked Questions About Homeopathy
  Basic Questions
  • Homeopathy Safe for All Ages
  • Homeopathy as an Alternative to Swallowing Pills
  • Health Benefits in Choosing Homeopathy
  • Viable Medical Treatment?
  • Regulatation by the FDA
  • What are Remedies Made From?

  • What is Homeopathy?
  • Common Terms.
  • Using Modalities.

    FAQ's on Cell Salts
  • Bioplasma for the Immune System
  • What are Cell Salts?
  • Difference between Bioplasma and Individual Cell Salts?

    Potency and Dosage
  • Describe Potency
  • Difference in Potencies
  • How to Choose Your Potency
  • Dosage Guidelines NEW!
  • Why 6X for Cell Salts, yet 6C for Glandulars?
  • Potency for Chronic Conditions, etc.
  • Dosing for Chronic Conditions, etc.
  • General Dosage Guidelines
  • Can I Use Homeopathic Products If I Am Currently Taking Prescription Drugs?
  • Does homeopathy interact with other therapies or supplements?

    General FAQ's
  • How Does A Remedy Work?
  • How Long Does It Take to See Results?
  • How do I Study Homeopathy to Use It for Myself and My Family?
  • Why is a Bottle is Labeled with a Symptom?
  • Do I Have to Match the Symptom?
  • Remedy Label- Why Does Remedy Label List One Condition, But I Am Told that I Need the Remedy for a Different Condition.
  • Studies on Homeopathic Remedies.
  • Sulfa Drugs Versus Homeopathic Sulphur

    Specific Ailments FAQ's
  • Back Pain, Arthritis, Muscle and Bone Pain.

  • Blood Pressure- I Would Like Natural Help to Regulate High Blood Pressure

  • What Remedies Can Help with Dental and Gum Problems?

  • Menopause-I Need Help With The Challenges of Menopause.

  • Pregnancy -Can Homeopathy Help During Pregnancy and Labor?

  • Prostate- Does Homeopathy Offer Support for the Prostate?

  • Weight Loss Homeopathic Remedies.

    Kosher Remedies
  • What Does it Mean, if My Remedy is Marked Kosher?

    How Remedies are Made
  • Description of the 2 Basic Processes to Make Remedies

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    What is Homeopathy?
    Homeopathy is a safe and natural method to repel imbalance out of the body and allow the body to heal. Homeopathy stimulates the body's ability to heal with very small amounts of natural substances. more....
    Definitions of Common Homeopathic Terms
    Short-term illness with temporary symptoms are termed ACUTE in Homeopathy. ACUTE illnesses respond well to Homeopathy. With ACUTE illness we often use low potencies that can be repeated safely. We also want a product easily labeled and made for well rounded health support. Combination Formulas have clear labeling for Acute treatment. Go directly to our BHI-Heel Combination Line
    Our best sellers, all well researched and customer approved.
    ALLOPATHY - another term for conventional medicine that uses opposing substances to suppress symptoms in the body.
    CELL SALTS - homeopathic potenized minerals used by cells. Can be used regularly for general maintenance, or for specific health problems. Often used in conjunction with a single remedy or combination product to provide basic support to the cells. more...
    CENTESIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 99 parts dilution. Designated with a C (or left blank in Europe) after the remedy name. C potencies are considered medium potencies. C potency is often used for seasonal problems and chronic conditions.
    CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY - the practice of finding the Simillimum for a person and giving one remedy at a time.
    COMBINATION PRODUCT - a homeopathic product containing more than 1 homeopathic remedy. Combination products are commonly used in our increasingly polluted world for our complex health problems whether seasonal or chronic. No side effects with homeopathy, so remedies can be safely combined. Remedies may work together to strengthen supporting organs to speed response and recovery.
    DECIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 10 parts dilution. Designated with a X (in Europe designated with a D) after the remedy name. X potencies are considered low potencies. X potency is often used for children, sudden illness and first aid treatment.
    HOMEOPATHY - a safe and natural method to repel imbalance out of the body & allow the body to heal. Homeopathy stimulates the body's ability to heal with very small amounts of natural substances. The wonder of homeopathic medicine is in its safety, the incredibly small amount of medicine needed, and the rapidity of healing. Homeopathy is from 2 Greek words, homoios: meaning similar and pathos: meaning suffering. Homeopathy therefore means similar cures similar or like cures like. The word Homeopathy was first coined by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of modern homeopathy.
    MILLESIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 1000 parts dilution. Designated with a M after the remedy name. M potencies are considered high potencies. M potency is used by practitioners for constitutional treatment.
    MOTHER TINCTURE- the original standardized preparation of a substance from which homeopathic potencies are made.
    POTENCY - the Strength of a homeopathic remedy. Potency is shown after the remedy name. Decimal designation is X. Centesimal designation is C. Millesimal designation is M. The lower potencies X, stay in the body a short period of time and can be used safely for repeat dosing. Commonly in home kits and used for children, in treating sudden illness and for first aid treatment. Medium potencies C are used for first aid, seasonal ailments and chronic health concerns. 30C is a very common potency and found very effective. The medium C potencies are the highest potency sold over-the-counter in health stores. M potencies are a high potency. Your practitioner may recommend you special order a M potency from a pharmacy such as ELIXIRS.COM for stubborn health problems or constitutional treatment. The high potencies may stay working in the body for up to a year, so the remedy is chosen carefully and dosing is infrequent.
    SIMILLIMUM - the remedy that most closely matches to a person's set of unique symptoms.

    Describe Potency, Difference in Potencies
    Potency is the strength of a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy makes substances
    into healing remedies by diluting and succussion (shaking).
    Diluting negates any problems with substances that may be harmful in their raw state.
    Succussion enhances the healing properties of substances.
    The Potency strength is shown after the remedy name as a Roman Numeral
    along with a number that indicates the repetitions of dilutions and succussing.
    Decimal designation is X.
    Centesimal designation is C.
    Millesimal designation is M.

    DECIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 10 parts dilution. Designated with a X (in Europe designated with a D) after the remedy name. X potencies are considered low potencies. X potency is often used for children, sudden illness and first aid treatment.
    CENTESIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 99 parts dilution. Designated with a C (or left blank in Europe) after the remedy name. C potencies are considered medium potencies. C potency is often used for seasonal problems and chronic conditions.
    MILLESIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 1000 parts dilution. Designated with a M after the remedy name. M potencies are considered high potencies. M potency is used by practitioners for constitutional treatment.
    MOTHER TINCTURE- the original standardized preparation of a substance from which homeopathic potencies are made.

    How to Choose Your Potency
    Lower potencies X stay in the body a short period of time and can be used
    safely for repeat dosing. Helpful for first aid treatment, trauma, recovery from
    injury and for preventative dosing. X potencies are used for 1st Aid, trauma, recovery
    from injury, preventative dosing, sudden illness, seasonal problems, general family use.
    Dosing with X potencies may include frequent dosing for a few days for fast recovery.
    Suggested dose for seasonal illness is 3 tablets 3 times a day or as needed.
    Dosing Guidelines for more dosing information, includes information
    on how to change dose and on gradually decreasing as improvement is made.
    Common X potencies include:
    6X for Cell Salts, 30X for seasonal illness, first aid treatment.
    X potencies are in tablet from that instantly dissolve in the mouth and
    are an ideal form for infants and young children.
    30X Kids Kit and 30X Remedy Chest
    Medium potencies C are used for first aid, seasonal ailments and chronic
    health concerns. 30C is a very common potency in the U.S. and I have
    found this potency very effective over the many years work with clients.
    See our extensive list of 30C Single Remedies 2 dram and 1 oz in pellets form.
    General dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day and less frequently as improvement is made.
    200C is in the high range of the C potencies. 200C follows 30C potency well for stubborn symptoms.
    We offer in-stock 200C in many remedies. See our new extensive listing of
    Single Remedies in 200C only $8.99 a tube (75 pellets).
    Select your own 200C remedy in an economy 1 oz size.
    Your practitioner may recommend weekly dose of 200C potency along with daily 30C dosing.
    High potencies M. Your practitioner may recommend you special order a
    M potency from a pharmacy such as ELIXIRS.COM for health problems
    or constitutional treatment. Very high potencies may stay working in the
    body for months, so the remedy is chosen carefully.
    Contact Us with questions on ordering remedies Mother Tinctures, Low, Medium, High Potencies or LM potencies.

    Why do I use 6X for Cell Salts and 6C for Organ Support or Glandulars such as Thyroid?
    Cell Salts, Sarcodes, and Nosodes are terms used to classify remedies into categories.
    Knowing the category your remedy is in can help with potency selection also!
    See my new page on Homeopathic Categories: Guide to Easier Remedy Selection.
    Do you hear elsewhere confusing comments like 6X is stronger than 30C,
    only to see on ELIXIRS.COM that 6X is a lower potency than 30C?
    6X has more of the original substance, but is NOT stronger.
    For example, Calc Phos 6X has more Calc Phos substance than 30C.
    In homeopathy due to dilution and succussion, 6X is a lower potency than 30C.
    Stronger in homeopathy should refer to potency selection, not the measurement of material.
    Homeopathic Categories will help you also understand potency selection better!
    Here is a quick overview: In Cell Salts, 6X (12X if using liquid) is used to enhance absorption of nutrients.
    In single remedies, 30C and 200C is most often used to push away a blockage and reduce a symptom.
    In organ therapy, 6C is used to balance and regulate organ and glandular function.
    Organotherapy, the use of Sarcodes works on the premise that:
    1. A homeopathic gland acts upon its corresponding gland.
    2. Low Potencies such as 6X or 12X stimulate its corresponding gland function and is used for a low/hypothyroid symptoms.
    3. Medium potency 6C balances, supports and regulates corresponding gland or organ function.
    4. Medium high potencies such as 30C or 200C help with over functioning of the gland or organ.

    Potency for Chronic Conditions, etc.
    30X for seasonal problems; 30C for chronic problems. 200C for stubborn problems.
    Lower potencies -X stay in the body a short period of time and are useful when frequent dosing
    and monitoring of patient is required.
    X potencies are a preferred potency for children, seasonal problems and general family use.
    Cell Salts are in X potencies to improve cellular function and absorption of nutrients.
    Kids Kit and Remedy Chest are in 30X potency for general family use.

    Medium potencies -C remove blockages to health making C the preferred potency for single remedies.
    C potencies are a preferred potency for adults, for pain relief, infections, and chronic health concerns.
    People using prescription medications can use homeopathic C potencies to offset prescription side effects
    and augment benefits. Homeopathy can be safely used with other health modalities and medications.
    We stock 100's of 30C Single Remedies in multidose $8.99 and economy 1 oz bottle/680 pellets $13.99.
    General dose for C potencies is 3 pellets 3 times a day with a slow decrease as improvement is made.
    Kathryn Jones Health Counselor's Step by Step Dosing Guidelines offers more information on how to gradually increase or decrease dose.

    200C is in the high range of the C potencies. 200C follows 30C potency well for stubborn symptoms.
    We are seeing increased use and benefits with 200C potency with the complex and polluted world we live in.
    Single Remedies 200C economy 1 oz bottle of 680 pellets $19.99 and multidose of 75 pellets $8.99.

    Purchasing tips: Type in remedy name you are looking for in our SEARCH BOX; or
    Find your remedy in our 1500 Remedies Listing; or
    Tell us the remedy name by using our Select Your Own Remedy, Nosodes, Organ choices.
  • Dosing for Chronic Conditions, etc.
    When using homeopathy for fast results, use my 4 Quick Dose Method.
    My 4 Quick Dose Method is a series of 4 doses 15 to 30 minutes apart.
    This is called acute dosing and is meant to get a response from the body quickly.
    Follow my 4 Quick Dose Method with 3 additional doses during the day.
    Continue with the remedy by slowly decreasing the dosing over the next few days (or longer if needed)
    to ensure symptoms are gone and not rebounding.

    For chronic conditions, follow a steady course of dosing. Journal your progress with the product.
    3 pellets-3 times a day is a try and tried dose for chronic symptoms with slow decrease as improvement is made.
    Slow decrease is important to help you determine the correct interval between dosing to maintain health.

    General Dosage Guidelines
    Dosage for glandular/organ support such as Adrenal, Thyroid:
    3 pellets (taken at the same time), or 3 sprays (taken at the same time) once a day.
    After one month, reassess for continued dosing. Maintenance dose can be continued
    for support of organs, glands at 3 pellets, or 3 sprays daily. When changing dose,
    please make very small and gradual adjustments to ensure the remedy stays effective.

    *Dosage for single remedies used for chronic health concerns:
    3 pellets or 3 sprays taken at 1 time and repeated 3 times a day. Some problems will respond
    rapidly, stubborn problems may need gentle nudging over a longer period of time e.g. 2-6 weeks. Slowly adjust dosage for safe and effective response and improvement.

    Severe sudden symptoms:
    3 pellets every 15 minutes until 4 doses have been taken. This dosing is in additional to
    3 pellets, 3 times a day.
    Dosing Guidelines for information on strong response/aggravation, modifying dose/gradually decreasing dose
    and how to assessment intervals between doses.
    Dosing Consultation provides you with dosing protocol for your specific situation. Suitable for use of nosodes;
    vaccine damage; moving up in potency, etc.

    What is a Modality and How Does it Help Me Decide on a Remedy?
    Modalities are factors that make the person feel better or worse. A modality can be a situation or condition. Reaction to temperature, eating, drinking, and surrounding environment are found again and again in provings. If you have a strong reaction for or against a particular modality, it becomes a useful tool in choosing the correct remedy. Using modalities that fit the person as a whole are very helpful when determining constitutional remedies. A modality can be used as a general condition that fits the entire person. For example, a Nux Vomica person will say, "I feel better in a warm room". A modality can also be applied to just one area of the body. For example, a Silicea person with a headache, may say, ""MY headaches feels better with MY head wrapped up". Modalities can be mixed and different for Generals and Specifics. For instance, an Arsenicum Album person may say, "I feel better in warm temperature, but MY headache feels better with a cool compress ". General modalities can make the job of finding a remedy much faster. This is because we eliminate remedies that do not match basic tendencies. We then only consider remedies that match important General modalities. For example, those who feel decidely worse in cold weather will respond best, among others, to Arsenicum Album, Calcarea Carb, Graphites, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, Rhus tox, or Sepia. Modalities are helpful when deciding between 2 similar remedies. For example, arthritis in the shoulder. Using the modality- better or worse from motion- can help with the decision between: Bryonia -worse from motion and Rhus tox -better from gentle motion, worse after inactivity, such as sitting, resting. To feel better with a modality is named ameliorated, abbreviated amel in repertories and materia medicas or with the symbol < To feel worse with a modality is named aggravation, abbreviated agg in repertories and materia medicas or with the symbol > Some common modalities used in deciding remedies are: Temperature - agg or amel in hot, or cold temperature. Weather - agg or amel in a certain season or type of weather, cold, wet, humid, stormy, dry, windy, or a combination. Motion and Position- agg or amel with activity, or inactivity. Worse sitting, lying down. Time of day or night - agg or amel during a particular hour(s), after sleep, in the morning, noon, after midnight…. Food - agg or amel during or after a meal, drinking fluids, drinking hot or cold liquids. Application - agg or amel with cold applications, warm applications, massage, heavy pressure, light touch.
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    Can I Use Homeopathic Products If I Am Currently Taking Prescription Drugs?
    Does Homeopathy Interact with Other Therapies or Supplements?

    Homeopathy can be safely taken with over-the-counter drugs or prescription medications.
    Homeopathy works on a different, more subtle cellular level in the body and does not interact with other medications or therapies.
    Many people will use homeopathy to offset prescription side effects and augment benefits.
    There are no contraindications to the use of homeopathy.
    As always, if you are under a doctor's care, ask when you can use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) such as homeopathy.
    Homeopathy should be an important part of your health plan that includes additional health modalities and health therapies.
    Homeopathy can be safely used with herbs and supplements.
    Conventional medicines when combined with other medicines cause side effects and serious to life threatening results.
    Homeopathy is without side effects. How is that possible? Because Homeopathy is based on Provings and the Homeopathic Law of Similars.
    This is in contrast to conventional drugs that are selected because of their chemical or suppressive action in a human body.
    All conventional medications have side effects on the body because they are forcing the body to act a certain way.
    Homeopathic Law of Similars is based on certain characteristic symptoms being the key to choosing a remedy.
    A substance which may in a large dose cause undesirable symptoms, can in homeopathic potency repel these similar symptoms out of your system and the body rebalances and heals.
    In homeopathy the Law of Potentization is using the magic of the mininum, that is the smallest dose needed.
    By extreme dilution and Homeopathic potentization, curative properties are enhanced and poisonous and undesirable side effects ameliorated.

    Remedy Label- Why Does Remedy Label List One Condition, But I Am Told that I Need the Remedy for a Different Condition.
    Labels on Remedies are not complete and may not list your illness or symptom even though your health professional has recommended that remedy and you have read information online or in a book about the remedy. FDA requires over-the-counter Homeopathic products to include an indication on the bottle. That is, the label will list one or two specific symptoms. This labeling is nice to have when purchasing homeopathic remedies without any guidance. With some of the keynote symptoms on the bottle- help is right on the bottle. You can easily match your problems and symptoms up with the proper remedy. But sometimes, this labeling is troublesome. The label cannot list pages of indications and symptoms. There just isn't space on the bottle. This can be disconcerting if you were told to take a remedy for a headache, but the remedy label indicates it is for diarrhea! For example, I may give you Graphites for scars, or for a headache, or for depression, or as a constitutional remedy, or for an acute first aid problem, but the remedy's label will always say, "cracked skin". Is Graphites then only for one indication? NO! Does that mean in homeopathy that each remedy is for only one thing? NO! Are there many symptoms that homeopathic remedies can help balance. YES!. Each remedy may have various combinations of symptoms. has numerous possibilities to match to your symptoms and a particular person.

    I also hear the question worded, "A Health Professional told me to take this remedy for my problem, but what I
    read online, or in a book, or on the bottle sounds different".
    Homeopathy is not a simplistic science. There is not just one match for a sore throat. Neither is there just one use per remedy! Wow, would our lives be more simple if every remedy was only for one health complaint. Or that everyone with the same constitutional type were the same in behavior and health problems. Our lives would definitely be more simple if all descriptions of a remedy in all books, online, or from Health Professionals were exactly the same!
    In reality, each book, or Health Professional, or online description, captures the flavor and emphasis that the author wishes to impart.
    Why are remedy descriptions not the same? Some reasons are:
    a. The author has personal experiences/ successes that offer additional information.
    b. Authors use different resource material. Materia medicas themselves differ.
    Information from Provings may be condensed or written in modern terminology.
    c. The author also uses their own expertise to interpret source material, interpret
    Provings, and interpret underlying themes that represent a remedy's "picture".
    d. Emphasis may be according to the theme of the book or article.
    If you look further at descriptions that don't seem to validate one another,
    you would see that what you are really looking at is-
    -a more complete picture of the remedy
    -a different side of the remedy
    -a different way of describing the type of symptoms that match the remedy
    -one description is slanted for using the remedy in first aid situations,
    the other description is slanted for using the remedy for constitutional use, etc.

    It is not easy to look past our own description of our illness, to seeing keynotes or underlying themes in remedies. Some people may dismiss taking a remedy given by their Health Professional only because one book description doesn't list their illness. Many Homeopaths feel it takes a lifetime of study to grasp all the symptoms covered by a remedy and to know what rubrics to look under to find the correct remedy.

    A rubric is the symptom heading and short symptom description in Repertories. You must first know what rubric to even look under. Most of us describe our symptoms in ways that are not identical to the way
    symptoms were described during the remedy's Proving. Then realize that the rubric will offer only possible remedy matches. Rubrics and possible matches also vary from book to book. Possible matches may vary from 1 to 100 choices. As you study homeopathy, you realize the art and science of finding a good remedy match and why there is not one pat remedy per symptom, or just one way to describe a remedy. You also realize the value of Homeopathy and the depth of its healing ability!
    If your health professional recommended the remedy, direct your questions to them to find out how the remedy was chosen specifically for you.
    For easy to use books to match your specific health problem with a remedy:
    Homeopathic Remedies
    Homeopathy Made Simple
    Natural Healing with Cell Salts
    Here are some books to help you in more in-depth study of Homeopathy.
    Materia Medica with Repertory by William Boericke is one of the best repertories and materia medica. A wonderful plus is the remedy index that includes both Latin and common names for homeopathic remedies. This is handy when you know a common herbal name
    and want the homeopathic counterpart.
    Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica is basic repertory used by all levels of homeopathy users. 1400 pages with rubrics ( symptoms) for the mind and various organs and body systems. Author James Kent . Kent's Repertory has information on relationships of remedies, such as which remedies go together, remedies that can follow another remedy in a treatment,
    which remedies do not go together and can antidote the other remedy.
    How Long Does It Take To See Results?
    Can I Repeat the Remedy If the Symptoms Return?

    In certain cases such as, Acute cases, only taking a remedy once or twice will remove the imbalance; Injuries, temporary illness may need frequent doses, as often as every 1/2 hour, but after a day no more treatment is needed. Remedies often need to be taken longer in chronic conditions. Remedies often need to be taken longer because we still have the stressor in our lives that caused the imbalance. Remedies need to be repeated if there is food, or actions in our lives that are counter to the action of the remedy. Remedies taken in lower potencies stay in our systems for short periods of time and may need repeating. Acute illnesses may need frequent doses until complete healing is obtained. Homeopathic Remedies do not have the unnatural side effects of other medicines. Homeopathic Remedies are safe and natural. They do not become less effective taken over time or build up in the system. Homeopathics remove imbalances from the body, and allows the body to heal itself. Homeopathics are part of our daily lives as we treat acute illness, first aid, chronic conditions and use Cell Salts for basic health. Lower potency remedies are especially safe for repeat use.

    Here is further indepth information on, "How long does it take for the remedy to work?"
    First study the principles of Homeopathy, such as
    the Law of Similars,
    Law of Provings,
    along with Hering's Laws of the direction of cure, to understand how homeopathy works.

    Homeopathic remedies differ from taking prescription drugs, herbs, supplements, and drugstore over the counter medicine. Homeopathy is not harsh to the system, doesn't cause a healing crisis, and doesn't work by suppression or covering up symptoms,

    In Homeopathy we are dealing with finding the remedy that allows the body to heal itself, so there are no absolutes in how long a remedy will take, or if we will need to take the remedy more than once, or if another remedy will be needed.

    I use homeopathy in sudden illness and first aid situations and usually get immediate relief. Even in chronic cases, we all know of those who enjoy instant turn around in their health, due to finding and taking the Simillimum and not having blocks for the remedy to act.

    The question of how long it takes for a remedy to work is actually a deep question about the complex issue of all the factors involved in Your Own Health or Dis-ease.
    Factors such as,
    What stress brought on the disease?
    Are the same stresses still a constant in your life?
    What stages of the illness have you gone through?
    Is this a chronic condition?
    How long have you been out of balance?
    What role does heredity play in your health weaknesses?
    What condition of health are you in generally?
    Is your lymphatic system and glands on overload?
    How sensitive are you to environmental pollutants?
    What complex issues are part of your dis-ease?
    Such as, do you suffer from food allergies,
    Do you have many additional health complaints,
    Is your immune system efficient or is it always on high or low?
    Are you suffering from a chronic low-grade infection?
    Have you addressed the emotional factors that relate to your physical complaints?
    Are you altering your diet to best conform to your system, your health problems, your homeopathic remedy?
    Are you nurturing yourself?
    Are you obtaining the optimum amount of sleep for your system?
    Do you alternate your mental and physical demands to keep a balance in your mental and physical well being?
    For more information see Kathryn's newsletter
    entitled Am I Using the Correct Remedy?
    Is Homeopathy an alternative to swallowing pills?
    Yes, homeopathy is an excellent alternative to those who can't swallow large pills or have digestive problems. Most homeopathic remedies are in small tablets that instantly dissolve in your mouth. Through the saliva, they are absorbed, bypassing the need for further digestion. Homeopathic remedies usually have no taste, or if there is a taste, it is mild and sweet. Combination products are larger tablets without any taste that are chewed and also are absorbed quickly. Homeopathy is a wonderful solution for those with sensitive digestive systems. Children also love homeopathics, with no large capsules to swallow or bad tasting liquids. Homeopathic remedies can also be purchased as liquids or dissolved in water.
    How do I study homeopathy to use for my family?
    Our site is a useful resource for study and self prescribing. We have online descriptions and pictures. Purchasing customers have free access to our online Materia Medica. We sell many Homeopathic books that are inexpensive, interesting to read and easy to use. We carry books for those new to homeopathy, books for quick reference when someone is ill, and books to use with our Homeopathic kits. We carry books for study groups, intermediate, and advanced use. For Specific Category for your books, such as:
    Cell Salt Books for the best selection available on the web of books
    on Cell Salts / Tissue Remedies.
    Children's books on using homeopathy for young children, teens, ADD problems, etc.
    Pain Category for books on arthritis, back pain, muscle pain, headaches.
    Pet Health for books on treatment of home and farm animals.
    Women's Health Category for books relating to birth control, infertility, menstrual problems, pregnancy, labor, infancy, menopause and other women's health issues.

    If you want help choosing a book suitable for your needs,
    Please email Kathryn Jones with your request.
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    Can Homeopathy Help During Pregnancy and Labor?
    Homeopathy can be useful in menstrual difficulties, feminine problems, fertility problems, pregnancy, labor, and after delivery to help mother and child. Each individual case can be assessed to find specific symptoms, weaknesses and individualize the case.
    Bioplasma can help ensure nutrient availability. Individual Cell Salts may also be indicated. Cell Salts can be taken on an regular basis same as taking your vitamins.Cell Salt Category
    Morning Sickness remedies:
    Ipecac- nausea with flatulence, heartburn.
    Nux Vomica- nausea better temporarily after eating. Constipation.
    Sepia- nausea with an "all empty feeling". Aversion to bread.
    Natrum Phos- Cell Salt help with acid indigestion.

    Books can offer helpful guidelines for choosing women's remedies :
    The Women's Guide to Homeopathy
    Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth
    Some Health Professionals feel herbal or homeopathics are useful in preparation of labor. Remedies can be taken 4-6 weeks prior to due date. Red raspberry tea is an excellent uterine toner. Homeopathic remedies that can be considered last 4-6 weeks:
    Cimicifuga racemosa

    An interesting double-blind study was done in 1987 "Preparation for Birth by Homeopathy:Experimentation" Dorfman, Lassure, Tetau, April 1987. 90 women were tested-taking the remedies: Caulophyllum; Arnica; Pulsatilla; Gelsemium; Cimicifuga.
    Taken in the last month, the women experienced 40% less time in labor.

    Specific symptoms as always need individual study for choosing the Simillimum.
    It is important to assess the mother-to-be to find specific symptoms and individualize the case. A Homeopathic emergency kit can then be put together to be available as needed during labor and after delivery.
    If you are having trouble getting pregnant homeopathy can help with a specific remedy for your symptoms.
    Supplements such as folic acid and DHA are important to prevent birth defects. I encourage the use of DHA. DHA is an important source of essential fatty acids for mother-to-be and essential for proper brain development of the fetus.
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    Can Homeopathy Help With Back Pain, Arthritis, Muscle and Bone Pain?
    Research indicates that approximately 80% of all of us are presently suffering or have suffered from back pain. Reasons people see their doctor are #1 Back Pain; #2 Headaches.
    The first remedy that comes to mind when discussing back pain, arthritis, aches and pain is the remedy RHUS TOX.
    Rhus tox is often the remedy in Backache, Body aches during flu, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Sprains. Whether the pain is from an old injury or not, consider Rhus tox. Lifting heavy loads that cause bruised and sprained pains. Overlifting, with the sudden "crick" in the back, with pain worse with raising arms above the head.
    WORSE-- in the morning, yearly and weather change aggravation, cold and damp weather, overexertion.
    BETTER-- with movement, as the muscles start to warm up as one walks and does gentle exercises, warm, dry weather, rubbing the painful areas, change of position.
    Rhus tox people are restless since change of position improves their pain. Rhus tox nickname is "Rusty Hinge" and Rhus tox is often referred to as the "Rusty Gate Remedy". The back stiffens up after sitting still for awhile. This is also why mornings and initial motion are such an acute aggravations.
    Materia Medica Information on Rhus tox
    Rhus tox Single Remedy for Purchase
    Rhus tox included in our BACK combination
    Book- Homeopathy for Musculoskeleton that includes
    an excellent section on Rhus Tox.
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    What Remedies Can Help with Dental and Gum Problems?
    Homeopathic Vitamin K and Ferrum Phos are very helpful for gum problems .
    Vitamin K
    Ferrum Ph
    Many gum and dental problems have at their source a low grade infection. Excellent product by BHI is "Infection" click here Infection
    We also carry Textbook of Dental Homeopathy
    that is excellent for personalizing your research.
    For more product information see our DENTAL CARE CATEGORY
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    Can Homeopathy Offer Support For The Prostate?
    Half of all men over 40 begin to suffer prostate problems. Homeopathy can help with the discomforts of difficult urination, burning, pressure, etc. Prostate remedies that should be looked at for prostate symptoms are well-known Saw Palmetto homeopathic, minerals Zinc Selenium, Thuja, Panax Ginseng for balancing male hormones, Lycopodium, Ginger for circulation benefits. Homeopathy can support the healthy functioning of the male system. For our natural alternatives for prostate health see ourMEN'S CATEGORY.
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    I Would Like Natural Help To Regulate Blood Pressure
    You can support the circulatory system with homeopathy. Cell salts can be used to strengthen the system. Cells Salts are minerals used within the cells. Cell Salts are often a person's first step in finding out about homeopathy and using homeopathic remedies. You can take Cell Salts along with other homeopathics.
    Blood pressure regulation is dependent on mineral tissue salts. Of particular importance is Magnesium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, & Natrum Mur. Common names are the minerals magnesium, potassium, and sodium. The balance of these minerals within the cells is crucial to health.
    Cell Salts come in small tablets that are taken by the mouth. They instantly go into the system via your saliva, the body's first line of digestion.
    Cell Salt Category
    If you are on medication, you may take homeopathics safely at the same time.
    Hypertension always has a connection with the emotions.
    See our Stress Category
    ANXIETY homeopathic formula is excellent.
    Blessed is the optimist who snaps back from set backs, lets verbal slurs slide off and stays on an even keel. Too often though life is more demanding of us, or our loved ones, than our resources allow. We don't get a chance to nuture ourselves, to allow our autonomous balancing mechanisms to work. Enters STRESS. What happens when you get stressed? Keep a stiff upper lip; feel anxiety; get angry (at yourself, or at others); ignore it (what's stress?); stuff feeling inside; feel all emotions on edge; feel close to tears; feel misunderstood (especially if you don't get sympathy); unpredictable mood; changing moods; stay irritable; need to be alone? These reactions are important in homeopathy to find the remedy that correctly matches your unique set of characteristics.
    Stress causes 1st emotional imbalance. If left unbalanced, the emotional layer deepens into the physical layer, such as high blood pressure. I believe imbalances show up emotionally before they manifest physically. If this is true, then homeopathy is truly a medical breakthrough! For homeopathy can address the emotional factors; as well as treat the physical symptoms.
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    Studies on Homeopathic Remedies.
    Provings on humans are done on substances before they become homeopathic remedies available for consumers.
    For more information see Homeopathic Principles and Provings
    Clinical trials are done on combination products.
    Double blind studies are difficult on single remedies. This is due to homeopathy being so individualized. One remedy may be indicated for many different symptoms.
    Different remedies can be indicated for people with the SAME illness. Need help finding your correct remedy? Use our Therapeutic Guide.
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    Sulfa Drugs versus Homeopathic Sulphur
    FAQ on homeopathic Sulphur versus people who are allergic to sulfa drugs:
    Homeopathic remedies containing Sulphur (or spelled sulfur) have no connection with sulfa drugs.
    Sulphur is an element of the earth. Sulphur is essential to life and prevalent in the human body.
    No one is allergic to Sulphur itself. Sulfa drugs can cause allergenic reactions when a
    sulfonamide molecule is metabolized in the body and attaches to proteins.
    Sulphur products can be used by sulfa sensitive individuals, since is not the same as sulfa drugs .
    Homeopathic Sulphur is used for skin ailments, including rashes, eczema,and psoriasis. Sulphur lessens
    symptoms of itching, burning, rough, hard, scaly skin. Sulphur helps to promote healthy nails and hair.
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    What resources Are Available for Treating My Young Children?
    Homeopathic Medicines for Children and Infants
    Children's Health Page
    Kids Kits for an inexpensive way to have remedies on hand for children's ailments. Back to the Top of Page

    I Need Help With The Challenges of Menopause
    We offer products and books helpful to women with menopausal health concerns. Calcium is always a concern for Menopausal women.
    Other questions surround concern with bone thinning.
    Am I absorbing my calcium supplement? Absorbing the calcium from my food? To solve this dilemma use Homeopathic Calcium Phosphate Cell Salt
    For concerns with emotional challenges, homeopathy offers safe and effective balancing, use Stramonium,
    excellent for irritability and feelings of extreme edginess!
    If My Remedy Says it is Kosher, What Does This Mean?
    Kosher parve product. The Kosher parve symbol is very useful for people with food allergies, vegetarians and vegans.
    Guarantee that a remedy so marked is meat and dairy/casein free.
    Pellets have trace amounts of sucrose and food grade corn starch.
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    What are the 2 Basic Processes Available in Making Remedies?
    Most of our nosodes, sarcodes/organ remedies, and glandulars are under ELIXIRS.COM private label, utilizing European method MGA (magnetic coding) technology. This safe process method allows remedies to be made without contamination or use of bacteria. This method provides safety and effective remedies. Our educational site can help you make informed decisions for your own health protection.

    All homeotherapeutic and homeopathic manufacturing processes are designed to extract the energetic signature or magnetic code of the original substance and then amplify it.
    The Magnetic - Mechanical method, as the name implies, uses direct application of magnetic energy to create a remedy. Using this method, a remedy is made by passing a magnetic field through a waveguide, created from the original substance, into an alcohol/water solution. The alcohol/water solution absorbs the magnetic field, in a process similar to the way a recording is made on an audio or videotape. Magnetic fields applied in this way are a common everyday occurrence, leaving behind a detectable magnetic field called remanence.
    ELIXIRS.COM's private label company is highly regulated and is overseen by the following agencies: FDA; Federal and States Department of Agriculture; Quality Assurance International (Organic certification); KOF-K (Kosher supervision); DOA/ATF (for tablet manufacturing and alcohol handling); WI Pharmacy Board for OTC -over-the-counter drug manufacturer.

    The bulk of our remedies are made the standard HPUS/ Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States method.
    The HPUS specifies this method of extracting the energetic signature or magnetic code by starting with an original substance - an herb, mineral, or bacteria. The HPUS method is used for the majority of single and combination remedies.
    The substances goes through a series of dilutions and succussions. This process removes the physical properties of the original substance and amplifies its energetic signature. *The first step in preparing homeopathic remedies is dilution. A common "Prime Potency" is 6X (potency is indicated on the bottle of a remedy). 6X is 1 part raw product-Mother Tincture- in 1,000,000 parts alcohol/water. Minerals or Cell Salts at this potency can help balance deficiencies in mineral uptake in the body. In potencies 30C and above, none of the original molecules of the Mother Tincture remains. When working with poisonous plants such as Rhus Tox (Poison Ivy) or substances people show sensitivity to (such as Golden Rod, Sulphur), the fact that not a whole molecule remains can be useful to show the safety of Homeopathics. *The 2nd step in remedy preparation is potentization. Potency refers to the strength of a remedy. After dilution, the remedy goes through a process of succussion. Curative properties are enhanced in this stage. Succussion is a forceful shaking of the substance and is done after each dilution until the desired potency is achieved.

    Both methods, Magnetic and HPUS are valid processes. Potency and dosing and using the homeopathic principle of the Magic of the Minimum Dose is the same regardless of method.The Magnetic method's advantages are that it starts out with the energetic signature of the substance. Because no actual substance is involved, there is safety when dealing with nosodes, bacteria, sarcodes/organs or glandulars. Newly discovered remedies maybe offered with this method, prior to HPUS method.
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  • Written by Kathryn Jones DiHom Diploma in Homeopathy, M.Ed., Certified Health Counselor. No part may be reproduced except brief quotations for articles or review with proper credit to Kathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor & Elixirs.com
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