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Sleep Better with Homeopathy
Sleeping well is essential to a healthy body and healthy mind. If a good night's sleep eludes you,
check out the remedies in this newsletter. I will address homeopathic remedies for calming
ruminating thoughts, insomnia, and nocturnal urinary frequency.
Reading newspapers or watching the news at night will not get you to sleep fast or provide sweet dreams.
To calm our minds choose very lighthearted reading or listen to meditation tapes.
Use our Calming combination to lessen daytime anxiety and stop nighttime ruminating. Calming is all
homeopathic and safe to take even if on prescription medications for sleep, high blood pressure, etc.
Calming tablets diminish nervous energy, frustration and irritation. Calming $11.99 for 100 tablets.

Sleep not only refreshes us physically, but mentally. Your brain works at night to reprocess
emotions and produce solutions for the day. Foresight occurs best in a calm mental atmosphere.
If things are heavy on your mind, write down your concerns earlier in the evening, put the paper
to the side and then relax to let go of those concerns. Have the paper close at hand to record
impressions, ideas, and answers that come to you in the morning.

Humulus is recognized for its relaxing properties. Humulus helps to relax the muscles of the body.
Humulus is a great remedy for anxiety that is felt like nerves or knots in the stomach.
Humulus is from herbal hops. Hops is recognized for it's remarkable sedative powers and a relaxant for
restlessness and nervous tension. Humulus Lupulus 30C 680 pellets/ 225 doses for $13.99

How you handle daytime stress is a clue to the cause of your nighttime problems.
Are you drinking cola drinks, black or green tea, coffee, or taking medical or herbal stimulants?
Stimulants during the day can set up a cycle of daytime fatigue and nighttime restlessness.
Use Anxiety formula to help with a stressful day. Anxiety is a blend of homeopathic
remedies that relieve stress without rebound fatigue.
Customers have used Anxiety formula to lessen their reliance on medication.
Anxiety formula reduces free floating anxiety and worries so you can relax in the night.
Anxiety blend includes Natrum Mur for nervous tension and Aurum Met for low self esteem.
Anxiety $14.99 125 tablets

The Sleep Category gives you a synopsis of my top insomnia remedies.
Two remedies that are receiving current interest in the sleep field are GABA and Serotonin.
GABA and Serotonin are available as homeopathic remedies to work with the body for a good night's sleep.
GABA and Serotonin are natural brain neurotransmitters that improve our sense of well-being.
Use the remedies at night and enjoy more energy in the morning without the groggy sleeping pill side effect.
GABA and Serotonin help calm sleep disturbances after illness, injury and traumatic experiences.

GABA has been found to be helpful in breaking addictions and obsessive thoughts.
GABA is one product I carry in supplemental form, and in homeopathic 6X potency.
GABA relieves depression, sadness, looping thoughts, feeling frustration or overwhelmed.
GABA calms the mind and shortens the time to fall asleep when taken right before bedtime.
Use MoodFix to correct sleeping patterns due to depression. MoodFix is a homeopathic mood balancer
in a supplemental base of GABA and magnesium. MoodFix 25% SALE $14.99.

Serotonin is a natural neurotransmitter. Serotonin is found naturally in the central nervous system
and is needed for sleep, memory, mood regulation, libido and more. Serotonin helps us think clearly
and calms agitation and nervousness. One health professional is seeing wonderful results with
homeopathic Serotonin for free floating anxiety.
Long term or high stress situations deplete Serotonin levels.
Low levels of Serotonin in the brain aggravates depression and sleep disorders.
Serotonin 12X is available in 2 convenient forms - pellets or liquid.

Melatonin is a natural hormone found in your body that increases naturally as the sun goes down
to help you prepare for sleep. Melatonin helps set your body rhythms nightly.
Melatonin can be used to reset your body clock after jet lag or shift work causes havoc with internal rhythms.
SleepFix is our most popular sleep product. Now 15% off- $16.95 60 capsules. SleepFix is a blend of
homeopathic remedies in a supplemental base that includes a touch of Melatonin.

We carry in-stock homeopathic Melatonin 12X potency in 1/2 oz and 1 oz size. A safe and effective way
to normalize Melatonin levels. Suggested dose: slowly chew 3 pellets 1/2 hour before bedtime.

Nocturnal urinary frequency disrupts REM sleep. Medications, illness, age, and overactive bladder problems
are some of the reasons for the bladder to feel full when sleeping. Women during menopause and
men with prostate problems may especially be troubled with nighttime urgency.
For the elderly, getting up at night holds falling hazards and trouble getting back to sleep.
Uri-Control is the answer. Uri-Control supports bladder function and normalizes full bladder sensations.
Uri-Control is also useful for bedwetting and daytime incontinence.
Uri-Control only $11.99, or purchase 2 bottles for $1 off each bottle.
For painful urination, shy bladder, infections, chronic bladder and kidney problems, use Uri-Cleanse.

Sleeping pills can keep you from waking up in the night, but with morning hang over and daytime fatigue.
Use Quietude to help you stay asleep, plus feel refreshed in the morning.
Quietude is a blend of nighttime remedies such as Stramonium for relief of intermittent waking.
Quietude 15% SALE $9.59.

If you wake up and then have a hard time getting back to sleep, use Nux Vomica.
Nux Vomica helps relieve morning restlessness. Take 3 pellets after you wake up to help you fall asleep.
Nux Vomica breaks up the habit of waking up between 3 and 4 am.
Nux Vomica is a wonderful help for any illness that wakes you up in the middle of the night.
Nux Vomica helps with nighttime restlessness due to indigestion and heartburn.
Nux Vomica comes in several sizes and potencies. A general guideline:
Use 30X for young children or for occasional nighttime restlessness due to stomach aches.
Use 30C for poor sleep habits or for chronic nighttime restlessness, .

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