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Study Homeopathy
Basics of Homeopathy- -
Beginners Guide How Does Homeopathy Work; What is Homeopathy; Why Choose Homeopathy?
Cell Salts FAQ's on Bioplasma, Cell Salts, Deficiency Signs and much more.
Dosage Guidelines NEW!
FAQ's Definitions of Common Terms; How Long Does It Take to See Results; What are Homeopathics Made From?
Why is a Bottle Labeled with a Symptom, Do I Have to Match the Symptom; Can I Use with Prescription Medications? more..

Study of Homeopathy- -
Health Information and Newsletters Search by Health Topic.
      Topics include- Allergies; Children's Health; Flu Products; Organ and Glandular Support;
      Animal and Pet Health; Sinus-Colds-Flu; Stress-Anxiety;and more! New information added regularly.
History of Homeopathy
Materia Medica Detailed Remedy Descriptions with our Online Materia Medica.
      Includes 10 question self quizzes for quick insight on if a remedy suits you.
Modality What are modalities and how do they help you choose a remedy?
Potency Guidelines FAQ's on What is the difference between X and C; Which potency should I use, etc.
Principles: Homeopathic Laws and Principles Law of Similars, Magic of Minimum Dose and more.
Repertory makes finding a remedy easy. A-Z Health Directory with 100's of ailments.
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       •  Use the Search Box to fine tune remedy choices, such as inflammation of joints.
       •  Try using different words, for example in addition to Hemorrhoids, try piles, itching, circulation
       •   Use the Category Search by itself or combine with words typed into the Search Box.

Purchasing our Products- -
Locate and Buy Site Map simplifies finding common remedies or ordering unusual remedies or potencies.
  • Ordering allergens, glandulars, nosodes, organ remedies.
  • Search by potency - 30X; 30C; 200C
  • Search by specific ailment or health problem
  • Search by Brand Name
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  • 1500+ Single Remedy List for locating single remedies, links include various potencies.
          We offer tablets, liquid, pellets, MT-low -medium-high potencies-LM's.
  • Search for remedy information by alphabet letter - - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  • Fast Find Index for Common Remedies and Combinations
  • Single Remedy Listing (20 per page alphabetical) includes pictures and descriptions.

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