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Materia Medica: Remedy Information
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  Spongia Tosta



Spongia Tosta
Spongia Tosta 30C potency economy 1 oz with 800 pellets Buy Spongia Tosta 30C      

Spongia Tosta

Spongia Tosta is made from roasted sponge from the sea.

Sponge contains significant amounts of iodine and bromine and used both allopathically and homeopathically to treat goitre, and other thyroid problems.

Keynotes are breathing difficulties from coughs, croup, asthma, heart conditions.
Spongia coughs have wheezing sounds with stubborn mucous.
Laryngitis with a raw burning sensation.Coughs preceded by a wheezing breath.
Children waking from sleep, scared from having difficulty breathing.

Spongia Tosta
Useful for: Key Symptoms:
COUGH Hoarse, dry, barking cough, "like sawing through a board"
Lying down head low Cough from tickling in throat
Breathing harsh & dry sounding
Breathing difficult, as ifs plug in throat
Awakens with sensation of suffocation
CROUP After Aconite
Dry, barking, sawing cough
Wakes out of sleep with feeling of suffocation, loud violent cough, fright, and difficult breathing
Wheezing worse during inspiration
COLDS Nose alternately runs and stops up
Eyes water, discharge mucus
SORE THROAT Dry throat
Stitching, burning, stinging pain
Constantly clears throat
Throat sensitive to touch
HOARSENESS Larynx burning, dry, constricted
EXHAUSTION Heaviness of body after slight exertion
Better from: Lying with head low, Swallowing
Worse from: Before midnight, Lying down, After sleep, Talking, Wind,
Exertion, After eating sweet things

Take 10 question self-quiz for quick insight on if Spongia Tosta suits you.
1 Do you have a harsh, dry, barking cough?
2 Do you have difficulty breathing with a sensation of a plug in the throat?
3 Do you have laryngitis, horseness?
4 Are you constantly clearing your throat?
5 Is your cough preceeded by a wheezing breath?
6 Do you have a heavy fatigued feeling after slight exertion?
7 Is your throat sore, burning, stinging, constricted?
8 Do you have thyroid problems?
9 Do you feel worse after eating sweets?
10 Are your symptoms worse at night (midnight), laying down?

Your "YES" answers on the survey indicate symptoms that can be helped with Spongia Tosta.
Helpful with coughs and respiration. Helpful for swelling and induration of glands. Indicated in illness that come on slowly. Indicated for the following problems and accompanying symptoms:
harsh, dry, barking cough.
croupy cough.
cough preceded by a wheezing breath.
cough with throat sore, burning, stinging, constricted.
better after drinking warm drinks.
Worse at night.
difficulty breathing with a sensation of a plug in the throat?
laryngitis, hoarseness. Having to constantly clear throat
worse from eating sweets
support for Thyroid, Goitre
RESPIRATION: dry air passages.
worse after sleep
Cannot bear tight clothing.
PALPITATIONS, before menses, after midnight.
LARYNX: Hoarseness.
CROUP (Acon, Hep).
worse after talking, swallowing, touch. General Symptoms
WORSE: Before at night and midnight. Lying down With Heat, warm room. After Exertion, motion. With WARM DRINKS AND FOOD. After eating sweets
COMPLEMENTARY remedies: Hepar Sulphur.
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