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Rhus Tox
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Rhus Tox

Research indicates that approximately 80% of all of us are presently suffering or have suffered from back pain. Reasons people see their doctor are #1 Back Pain; #2 Headaches.

The first remedy that comes to mind when discussing back pain, arthritis, aches and pain is the remedy RHUS TOX.

Rhus tox is often the remedy in Backache, Body aches during flu, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Sprains. Whether the pain is from an old injury or not, consider Rhus tox. Lifting heavy loads that cause bruised and sprained pains. Overlifting, with the sudden "crick" in the back, with pain worse with raising arms above the head.


WORSE-- in the morning, yearly and weather change aggravation, cold and damp weather, overexertion.

BETTER-- with movement, as the muscles start to warm up as one walks and does gentle exercises, warm, dry weather, rubbing the painful areas, change of position. Rhus tox people are restless since change of position improves their pain. Rhus tox nickname is "Rusty Hinge" and Rhus tox is often referred to as the "Rusty Gate Remedy". The back stiffens up after sitting still for awhile. This is also why mornings and initial motion are such an acute aggravations.

Rhus Toxicodendron, Rhus Tox, is the #1 arthritis and joint remedy. Keynote is: pain is better after the person is up, moving about and muscles and joints are warm.

Remember Rhus Tox for the flu season! Keynotes are flu symptoms with general aches in the muscles, joints, and bones.

Rhus Tox is from Poison Ivy. Rhus Tox is a remedy for skin ailments such as, shingles hives, fever blisters, chicken pox, poison ivy , and rashes with poison ivy appearance.
Keynote is: red spots, very itchy, with burning and swollen vesicles.

Rhus Tox main features:
Muscle sprains, strains
Joint stiffness
Restlessness (physically and mentally)

Better with motion

Worse first thing in the morning
Coughs from midnight til morning
Skin ailments, red, itchy, with swelling

Rhus Tox
Useful for: Key Symptoms:
  Restlessness, both physically & mentally
SORE MUSCLES From overexertion
RHEUMATIC "Rusty gate" syndrome; less painful when limbered up
PAINS Pain & stiffness in small of back, nape of neck
SCIATICA Tearing pains down thighs
INFLUENZA Aching in all bones
Can't lie still, restless
COLD SORE After cold or influenza
Tongue dry & red tipped
HOARSENESS From over straining voice
COUGH Dry, teasing cough
Coughs from midnight until morning
Coughs on putting hands out of bed
Coughs during a chill
IVY POISONING Intense itching & burning
HIVES Red, swollen, itching
CHICKEN POX Intense itching
Better from: Continued motion, Warm applications, Cold,
Lying on something hard, Rubbing, Change of position, Warm
Dry weather, Walking, Stretching out limbs
Worse from: Beginning motion, During sleep or rest, Dampness, While sitting,
After rain, Lying on back or right side

Take 10 question self-quiz for quick insight on if Rhus Tox suits you.
1 Is your arthritis worse first thing in the morning?
2 Are your symptoms accompanied with physical restlessness and mental despondency?
3 Do you cough after a chill from midnight until 5 p.m.?
4 Are your flu symptoms accompanied with muscle, joint or bone pain? Sore all over?
5 Does your back pain include pain and stiffness in the small of the back and nape of neck?
6 Are your symptoms worse after prolonged sitting or inactivity?
7 Are your symptoms better after a walk, mild activity?
8 Do sciatic symptoms come on afterexposure to cold or dampness?
9 Do you suffer from regular poison ivy breakouts?
10 Do you suffer from rashes and itchy skin?

Your "YES" answers on the survey indicate symptoms that can be helped with Rhus tox.
You may benefit from using Rhus tox for both seasonal and chronic problems.
Rhus Tox is the number 1 remedy for arthritis where the main symptom is worse after prolonged inactivity and therefore worse in the morning. With symptoms feeling better after the joints warm up after mild exercise.
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