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Product: Magnesium Phos Magnesia Phos Mag Phos #8 Cell Salt 12X 1 oz spray
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Magnesium Phos is homeopathic Magnesium phosphate. Lactose free formula. Liquid dilution for quick absorption. Beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy. Magnesium Phos is the best remedy for muscle spasms-back, leg, abdomen or calf.
Use Magnesium Phos in the evening for a peaceful night sleep without muscle cramps or charley horses. Relax tight back muscles. Supports intestinal health and beneficial for abdominal spasms and intestinal problems such as colitis or constipation. Magnesium Phos calms agitated nerves for pain relief of headache, writer’s cramp, sciatica, neuralgia. Use before and after dental work to calm tooth pain. Spasmodic is a key symptom and Magnesium Phos calms spasmodic coughs, hiccups, menstrual cramps. Magnesium helps with abdominal pains improved by eating.
Magnesium Phos is from magnesium, an important mineral that is involved in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Homeopathic Magnesium Phos goes quickly into the system for prompt relief. Studies have shown that most adults are deficient in the mineral magnesium. Refined foods, pollution, non-absorption and insufficient ability of the body to utilize magnesium in the body are some of the causes. It is especially recommended that diabetics, individuals with heart disease and those with high blood pressure have their magnesium levels checked.

Magnesium Phos, especially in low potency 12X, can help your body utilize magnesium in the body and from food and is completely safe (unlike 500 mg supplements that can cause bowel overload with resulting diarrhea).

Cell Salts can improve the body’s ability to absorb Magnesium.

If lacking in Magnesium Phos, nerves are on edge with the inability to relax emotionally (showing as anxiety, nervous disorders, depression) and physically (showing as muscle problems, fibromyalgia-worse with even a light touch, nerve sensitivity-even the skin may feel overly sensitive). Deficiency symptoms include stress, pain, anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, migraine headaches, PMS headaches, agitation, irritability, constipation, fatigue.

Magnesium Phos is found inside the cells of muscles, nerves, bones, the brain and spine. Deficiency affects muscle fibers and nerve  endings. Magnesium is one of the trio including Potassium and Calcium involved in muscle function. Magnesium deficiency has been linked with CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Consider Magnesium Phos when there has been nerve injury or damage. Speed injury recovery with Magnesium Phos. Magnesium Phos is indicated when nerve pain is shooting, darting,  or spasmodic. Couple this with magnesium's presence in the brain and you'll see Magnesium Phos importance in neuralgias and headaches.

Magnesium Phos is the #1 mineral used within the cells for nerve pain. Indicated for migraines, fatigue, hearing disorders, Meniere’s disease, neuralgia, panic attacks.

Works successfully with other therapies. Absorbs instantly, great for people with digestion difficulties.

One customer emails, "Dear Kathryn, The information you have sent me and with my using the Cell Salts and remedies that you advised have made me feel 90% better. I thank you with all of my heart." Beverly from Delhi, Iowa.

Magnesium Phos' Mini Materia Medica:

Abdominal:  Helpful for intestinal problems, calm spasmodic abdominal cramping.

Colic:  Useful for colic with much gas and belching, without relief

Menstrual cramps:  Helpful for menstrual cramps that are relieved by onset of flow. Shooting, darting pains. Person may feel pain is better from warmth, gentle pressure. Person may feel pain is worse with cold air, drafts.
Muscle spasms:  Useful for leg cramps and writer's cramp

Pain:  Helpful for pain with sharp, cutting, shooting, and constricting sensation.

PMS: Useful for irritability, intestinal symptoms, anxiety, PMS headaches.

Magnesium Phos is also known under the following names, spellings and abbreviations:  Magnesia Phosphorus, Magnesia Phosphorica, Magnesia Phos, Magnesium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphorus, Mag Phos, Mg Ph.  Magnesium Phos is one of the 12 Homeopathic Cell Salts also termed Tissue Salts or Biochemic Salts.

Cell Salts means minerals for cell health. Biochemistry developed by Dr. Schussler is use of minerals in homeopathic potency. Cell Salts are used successfully because minerals are the foundational nutrition for the body's enzyme activities and energy cycles and Cell Salts are instantly bioavailable.

http://elixirs.com/cellsalts.cfm">Cell Salt Questions and Answers.

 Homeopathic liquid dilution, 1 fluid ounce, in a base of food grade alcohol.

You can use liquid cell salts for general health and maintenance or for treatment of symptoms.  Cell Salts are used successfully because they are the foundational nutrition for the body’s enzyme activities and energy cycles. Cell Salts are instantly bioavailable.

Suggested dose is 2 sprays at one time as one dose.

Use one dose 3 times a day for treatment of symptoms.
For general health or long term maintenance, use one dose once daily.

$18.99 Buy Magnesium Phos Magnesia Phos Mag Phos #8 Cell Salt 12X 1 oz spray