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Product: Vermiculite 6X economy 1 oz 800 pellets
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Vermiculite 6X. Vermiculite is used for joint and bone ailments with inflammation. Vermiculite is also known by the term Mineral. Vermiculite 6X potency in an economy 1 oz bottle with 800 pellets.  
A paper printed in the British Homoeopathic Journal and also Dr. Andrew Lockie have reported on benefits of this medicine made from vermiculite, a mica-like mineral, with the 6X potency.

(web source http://www.industryinet.com/~ruby/vermiculite.html) "Vermiculite the Miracle Mineral Medicine. Extracted from HOMOEOPATHICA the journal of the New Zealand Homoeopathic Society Volume 19 No.3 June 1999

Behzad Schroff and Gool Cama presented a paper at an international homoeopathic congress in Brighton, printed in the British Homoeopatbic Journal in July that year, in which experiences with the 6x potency of a medicine made from Australian vermiculite (a mica-like mineral) were related. The mineral had been sold in its pulverised crude form as a naturopathic dietary supplement, but the proprietor of the business thought there might be more money in it in potentised form. The authors were asked to compare the properties of the crude form in capsules and the 6X version. To further confirm its efficacy, the least hopeful cases were carefully chosen, and with their full consent 6X was administered: 4 tablets four times a day. The first dose was administered, on 9 July 1980, to an elderly lady who had developed osteoarthritis since the death of her brother ten years ago. Her knees had been first affected and then the other joints in the lower extremities. In spite of extensive treatment and care, the disease was progressive. The wrists became painful and the fingers gradually flexed.  Heavy doses of painkillers only gave momentary relief from the agony and discomfort. Ten days later, on 19 July she came personally to report on the action of 6X. All that she kept repeating was, "Look at my fingers!" There was no pain nor discomfort and the fingers were straight. Since the action of the drug had started, she was advised to discontinue medication, so as not to interfere the drug's beneficial action. But in vain. Her knees were still aching constantly, so she persisted with the medication. After a month she was able to step into the bathtub on her own. This was first noticed by her niece, as to her it had become an automatic movement. Nine months later unfortunately, she had a fall, resulting in the impacted fracture of the neck of femur. The part had to be replaced which meant a month of immobilization. When she was first made to walk, to everyone's surprise she did so, and without pain or stiffness, which was firmly attributed by her and her relations to the continuation of 6X. It is over a year now since she has stopped taking painkillers. However, initial movements are often painful-more so in the mornings-and an acute bout recurs when she unduly exerts herself, such as walking for a long time or climbing many steps. 

The second recipient was a lady in her early thirties, who was greatly deformed by osteoarthritis and who had undergone prolonged traction, even surgery. She was on drugs not yet officially marketed by the pharmaceutical concern. 6x was taken by her as and when she remembered or pleased(!) but after ingesting 20 of 6x she reported feeling much lighter, less pain and oedema, more free and easier movements. Relatives observed listlessness being greatly reduced. Everyone who took 6x for osteoarthritis reported feeling better, livelier and lighter. Everyone noticed a reduction in swelling around the joints, and that movements were easier. Improvement was more rapid in smaller joints than in larger joints. Some felt lameness or looseness at joints. This was due to a reduction in abnormal fluid around the joint. This was explained by a lady who took 6X. She was on cortisones for the past 18 months. To counter the side effects, she took antacids and diuretics. On taking 10g of 6X she found her joint pains were the same. However, she felt lighter and her "puffiness" was less. She discontinued her diuretics of her own accord, as her urine output was also good. An increased urine output had also been noticed by another recipient earlier, but was not emphatically mentioned. 

A lawyer walked in one day, asking for 6x. Incidentally he was the first male recipient. He had a severe backache. He had taken all kinds of medicines to rid himself of his backache. He had also resorted to physiotherapy, naturopathy, massages and yoga. The most demoralizing factor was having stopped his jogging, for fear of deterioration. 80 to 90% of improvement was brought on by ingestion of 6X for three months. In another three months, he was quite well. However, the X-ray appearance was as before. Since February 1981 he has not taken any medicine, yet he is very well and does all his routine work which involves climbing stairs. He jogs daily for an hour. 

Vermiculite is also known by the term Mineral. Vermiculite 6X potency in a family economy size 1 oz bottle of 800 pellets with 265 doses. Pellets base is sucrose and cornstarch.

SUGGESTED DOSE: One dose is 3 to 6 pellets taken at one time. Slowly chew and dissolve pellets, or place under tongue.

Symptom relief: Take one dose 3 times a day. Use with less frequency as improvement is made.


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