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Product: Thymuline 12C economy 1 oz 800 pellets
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Thymuline supports the immune system making Thymuline  a great remedy at the change of seasons and anytime you are more at risk for illness. Add Thymuline to your health plan if you are environmentally sensitive.

Thymuline is one of the hormones produced by the thymus that are believed to play a role in the maturation of T-lymphocytes and overall modulation of the immune system. Thymuline can be used when suffering from excess mucous or bronchial problems. Medical dictionary tells us Thymuline is a thymus-dependent nonapeptide found in normal blood. Stimulates the formation of E rosettes and is believed to be involved in T-cell differentiation. Thymuline works well in conjunction with flu or immune homeopathic remedies. Safe for all ages.

Thymuline is offered as a complementary alternative medicine (CAM) to add to your health plan. Product does not prevent, treat, or cure any symptom or disease as FDA specified. Integrative Medicine combines conventional and  complementary alternative treatments.

Ingredient is Thymuline 12C in an economy 1 oz bottle with 800 pellets, 250 doses. Pellets in a base of sucrose and cornstarch.

Suggested Dose: 3 pellets taken at one time as one dose. Pellets can be slowly chewed or placed under the tongue.

 Dose for general immune support: 1- 2 doses daily

Symptom Dose for respiratory system: 1 dose 3-4 times daily. Slowly decrease dose as symptoms improve.

$22.00 Buy Thymuline 12C economy 1 oz 800 pellets