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Product: *Immune Support Kit 3 remedies 20% SALE
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Immune Support Kit is our popular kit for general health, support for the immune and respiratory systems. 1st time on 20% off, $63 values when purchased separately, SPECIAL, now $49.95. Immune Support Kit provides you with 3 important remedies: Upper Respiratory Balance, Thymuline, and Influenzinum blend/Winter Tonic. Our best overall kit for continual exposure to viruses. 

Natural support for the immune system. Immune Support Kicontains full sized bottles:  800 pellets of Upper Respiratory Balance, 800 pellets of Thymuline and 800 pellets of Winter Tonic.

Winter Tonic contains updated Influenzinum flu strains from several past years. Stimulates the body's own defense system. Safe and natural. Winter Tonic is a combination formula with Krebs Cycle. Krebs Cycle Acids stimulate the cells of the body to deal more effectively with cold and flu. Additional remedies include Otitis; Sinusitisitum; and Grippe for cold and flu symptoms. Winter Tonic is also useful for other winter infections and when the flu mutates and changes over the course of the year. Winter Tonic is our Influenzinum Blend and includes 6C potency of flu strains from 1918 up to 2019-2020 flu strains.

Upper Respiratory Balance is in a 6C potency to support the respiratory system. Upper Respiratory Balance contains important remedies such as Pertussis, Lung, Large Intestine. Also includes 3 pneumonia remedies to strengthen the body and may be used as an adjunct to help prevent respiratory complications. Use Upper Respiratory Balance for lingering cold and flu symptoms.

Thymuline 12C supports the immune system and is useful taken with other cold and flu remedies.  Thymuline supports the thymus gland. Thymuline is one of the hormones produced by the thymus that are believed to play a role in the maturation of T-lymphocytes and overall modulation of the immune system. Thymuline stimulates the body to fight effectively from viral or bacterial agents. Its synergetic action with other remedies has been observed clinically in many patients. Safe for all ages. Thymuline is a thymus-dependent nonapeptide found in normal blood. Thymuline stimulates the formation of E rosettes and is believed to be involved in T-cell differentiation.

Immune Support Kiis offered as a complementary alternative medicine (CAM). An ideal addition to your health plan. Product not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any symptom or disease as FDA specified. Integrative Medicine combines conventional and alternative treatments.

Immune Support Kimay help to reduce symptoms associated with chronic respiratory concerns, pneumonia, flu, chest cold, asthma, allergies, weakness of the lungs, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, coughs, chills, fever.

SUGGESTED DOSE: Take all 3 remedies together, or take separate as needed for your system. One dose is generally considered to be 3 pellets of each remedies taken at one time. Slowly chew and dissolve pellets, or place under tongue. Suggested dosages are for your health education. Product is meant to be used in conjunction with other health practices.

Health protocol at high risk times: Two doses daily.                        

Exposure protocol: Additional 2 doses after exposure to any illness in addition to dosing above.

Symptom dose5 times daily. Use in conjunction with other health care, nutrition and homeopathic remedies and combos for immune and respiratory support. This is in additional to medical care, not as a substitute to medical advice and care.

$49.95 Buy *Immune Support Kit 3 remedies 20% SALE