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Product: Injury Combo 30C economy 800 pellets
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Injury Combo 30C is formulated to help with sore muscles, pulled muscles, and injury recovery. Injury Combo is a unique formula to Elixirs.com. Use Injury Combo to prepare the body for surgery. Injury Combo is great for recovering from falls, injuries and illness.

Injury Combo is safe for all ages. Use Injury Combo to reduce inflammation, bruising, soreness following an injury. Customer writes, "Injury Combo is such a good combination. My goto for many things." V.G. Use Injury Combo for safe recovery of overworked muscles or overstretched ligaments.

Injury Combo is a combination of important remedies for nerve, tissue, and bone such as Hypericum and Symphytum. Speed healing and reduce pain and inflammation with Injury Combo with Calendula.
Injury offers a excellent complement of remedies complete to take the guess work out of, "Which remedy do I use in this first-aid situation?" Keep on hand for fast first-aid help. Use Injury Combo to speed healing from bruising, burns, sprains, and lacerations.

Injury Combo contains Aconite, Calendula, Hypericum, Symphytum.

Injury Combo includes Aconite to help for spasm pain, inflammation, and soreness due to injury, overuse, shock, or stress. Useful for sudden illness. Aconite is natural 911 help for injuries, sharp pain, inflammation, acute fever.

Injury Combo includes Calendula is included as a natural antiseptic agent that inhibits the growth of microorganisms to avoid infections. Calendula helps for crushing pain, wounds, bed sores, and suppurations.

Injury Combo includes Hypericum Perf relieves nerve pain, tearing pain, smashed fingers in doors. Hypericum and Symphytum are great remedies before and after dental work for jawbone support and to calm agitated nerves. Helps with tailbone pain.

Injury Combo includes Symphytum helps with healing from scrapes and abrasions. Symphytum's common term is boneset and helps us remember its use for bone support for fractures, hairline fractures, and stress fractures. Relieves pain from bruising, joints stiffness, and fractures. Helps with healing injuries to the limbs. Relieves burning pain in extremities. Symphytum is soothing for gastric and intestinal ulcers. Used for eye injuries. Injury Combo helps for rashes and hives due to allergies or contact irritation. Symphytum is from the herb Comfrey and is well known for its soothing and healing abilities.

Keep next to your first aid kit and carry on trips for first aid relief of pain, shock, inflammation.         

Injury Combo 30C in an economy 1 oz bottle of 800 pellets with 265 doses. Pellets are in a base of sucrose and cornstarch.

SUGGESTED DOSING: 3 pellets taken as one time. Allow to dissolve in the mouth.


FOR SYMPTOM RELIEF: Repeat 3 times a day.

PRIOR TO SURGERY, DENTAL WORK, OR MEDICAL PROCEDURES: Use 1 dose 3 times daily for 3 days prior to surgery and 2 weeks following. 

1ST AID TREATMENT: 1 dose 4 times daily with a slow decrease as improvement is made.

FOR BROKEN BONES, EYE INJURIES: 1 dose 4 times daily for 3 weeks. Continue with a slow decrease in dose as long as needed.

FOR ACUTE PAIN: 1 dose every 2 hours until pain subsides. 

FOR NIGHTTIME PAIN: 1 dose in the evening; 1 dose before bedtime and 1 dose as needed during the night.

Best buy product for $14.99-a $20 value.

Specialty Combo formulated by Kathryn Jones Homeopathic Specialist. Purchase 2 or more Specialty Combos, mix or match, for $1 off each.

$14.99 Buy Injury Combo 30C economy 800 pellets