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Product: Cocculus Lightheaded Combo economy 30C 1 oz pellets
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Cocculus Lightheaded Combo for vertigo, headaches, and balance problems from inner ear concerns. Cocculus Lightheaded Combo can be used for illness, injury, or age related symptoms connected to imbalance issues. Use Cocculus Lightheaded Combo for Meniere's Disease for natural support.
Cocculus Lightheaded Combo is a unique formula to Elixirs.com. Cocculus Lightheaded Combo is a blend of Cocculus, Conium, and Petroleum in 30C potency for stubborn and chronic symptoms. Use Cocculus Lightheaded Combo as a substitute for the Heel Cocculus Compositum product.
Cocculus Lightheaded Combo can be used along with your health plan for Ménière's, hearing issues, spinning room sensations, and balance problems.

"Your Cocculus Lightheaded Combo works very well, so I'm buying more. Thank you". K.F. CO.

*Cocculus Indicus is included in Cocculus Lightheaded Combo for lightheaded symptoms, nausea, seasickness, motion sickness, balance concerns;

*Conium Maculatum is included in Cocculus Lightheaded Combo for lightheadedness, motion sensation when lying down, in bed, or when turning over;

*Petroleum is included in Cocculus Lightheaded Combo for tinnitus symptoms, ringing, cracking, buzzing, tinkling, roaring, rumbling in ears. Petroleum for balance problems upon rising or bending over. Petroleum is for car sickness, motion sickness with nausea. Petroleum is listed for veritigo, swirling motion. Petroleum is listed for brain fog, fulness in head. Petroleum is listed for headaches of many types: Neuralgic headaches; occipital headaches; drawing pains in temples; forehead headaches, tension headaches, pulsing headaches including cerebellum.

Cocculus Lightheaded Combo is offered as complementary alternative medicine (CAM). According to the government’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), 38% of adults use complementary medicine. Integrative Medicine combines conventional and CAM treatments for which there is evidence of safety and effectiveness (http://nccam.nih.gov/health/whatiscam/). There are no contraindications to homeopathy, making homeopathy an ideal adjunct to your health plan. Our information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease as defined FDA specified .
Cocculus Lightheaded Combo 30C in economy 1 oz bottle with 800 pellets for 265 doses. Pellets are in a base of sucrose and cornstarch.

Combination product formulated by Kathryn Jones Homeopathic Specialist.

SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 pellets taken at one time as one dose. Use one dose 2 to 4 times daily.

Kathryn Jones' Specialty COMBO product: Purchase 2 or more COMBOS, mix or match, for $1 off each COMBO product.
$21.99 Buy Cocculus Lightheaded Combo economy 30C 1 oz pellets