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Product: *Stomach Blend with H Pylori 30C economy 800 pellets special 15% SALE
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Stomach Blend 30C 15% SALE Regularly $20, now $16.99. Stomach Blend can be used for symptoms of nausea, burning stomach pain, burping, and/ or bloating.

*Stomach Blend is a blend of Stomach 30C and H Pylori 30C.

Stomach Blend contains Stomach 30C potency to support stomach function. Stomach 30C is part of homeopathic organ therapy.

Organ therapy / Organotherapy / Sarcodes - refer to homeopathic potency of organs or glands to support and regulate the organs and glands of the body.  Organotherapy, the use of Sarcodes works on the premise that: 1. A homeopathic gland acts upon its corresponding gland. 2. Medium potencies such as 30C balance, support and regulate corresponding gland or organ function.

*Stomach Blend contains H Pylori/ Helicobacter Pylori. H Pylori/ Helicobacter Pylori is a bacteria.  Young people can have H Pylori infection and resulting peptic ulcer. Ulcers can affect the lining of the stomach or small intestine and ulceration. 

Specialty Combo formulated by Kathryn Jones Homeopathic Specialist. Purchase 2 or more Specialty Combos, mix or match, for $1 off each.

In economy 30C economy 1 oz with 800 pellets for 265 doses.


One dose is 3 pellets, taken at one time. Slowly chew and dissolve the pellets in the mouth.

Use one dose before all meals to help with leaky gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and reflux. Take an additional dose after meals for more severe symptoms.

USE AS A FIRST AID TREATMENT: One dose every 15 minutes for 4 doses.

FOR CHRONIC SYMPTOMS: Use one dose 3 times daily. After all symptoms have ceased for 2 weeks, use less frequently.

MAINTENANCE DOSE: One dose daily.

NIGHTTIME REFLUX: One dose in the evening. Additional dose before bedtime.

$16.99 Buy *Stomach Blend with H Pylori 30C economy 800 pellets special 15% SALE