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Product: Fever Inflammation 30C economy 800 pellets NEW
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Intro sale price $15.99. Fever Combo is versatile - use for children's fevers; family illness; or adult inflammation. Fever Combo includes Aconite for sudden fevers and illness; to calm emotions.

Fever Combo includes Bryonia for injuries and fevers; and for chronic inflammation and hot joints.

Fever Combo includes  Gelsemium for common family symptoms of colds, flus, aches and pains.

Fever Combo includes Ferrum Phos to oxygenate the system. Wonderful for fevers, inflammation. Ferrum Phos is homeopathic potency of iron so very useful for fatigue and recovery from illness or injury. 

Fever Combo in a 30C potency in a family size of 1 oz with 800 pellets for 265 doses. Pellets in sucrose and non GMO cornstarch base.

Kathryn Jones' Specialty COMBO product. Purchase 2 or more mix or match for $1 off each SPECIALTY COMBO.


Use one dose 3 to 6 times daily for symptom relief.

Dosing Tips: 

One dose is 3 pellets, taken at one time. Can put under tongue, or  dissolve in mouth, or slightly chew on pellets.

For infants- Place 3 pellets in 1/8 cup water and dissolve while stirring for 30 seconds, then remove any undissolved pellet, finish by adding liquid to bottle or juice cup. 

$15.99 Buy Fever Inflammation 30C economy 800 pellets NEW