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Product: Glaucoma 1 oz pellets
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Glaucoma product with a combination of homeopathic products specific for glaucoma concerns. Synergistic glaucoma complex. Safe and effective. Glaucoma pellets can be used as an adjunct to other health modalities.

Glaucoma complex includes the following homeopathic remedies with a few highlights included: Arnica 12X for eye pressure from injury. Prominent eyes. Inflammation.

Gelsemium 6C for eye pressure. Heavy bruised sensation. Dim sight. Double vision. Aversion to light. Detached retina. Depression.

Phosphorus 12X for eye pressure. Eye inflammation with pressure and burning pains. Weak sight in morning, weak sight following reading. Myopia, nearsightedness.

Physostigma 12X for weak sight from elevated eye pressure. Inflammation, swelling of eyes. Pupils dilated. Sight blurred, hazy.

Lycopodium 12C

Economy 1 oz pellets. 2 months supply.

May use as Part 1 of 2, with Part 2 http://www.elixirs.com/products.cfm?productcode=D200 Total Ocular Function.

Suggested Dose for Glaucoma pellets: Slowly chew/ dissolve 3 pellets as one dose.

Take one dose 3 times a day.

$20.00 Buy Glaucoma 1 oz pellets