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Product: Urinary bladder support Equisetum 30C 800 pellets
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Equisetum 30C may be helpful to support and strengthen the bladder. Use Equisetum as a substitute for Uri-Control. Equisetum may help to calm urinary urgency; incontinence; overactive bladder; and/or urine loss when laughing or coughing. Use Equisetum for the uncomfortable feeling of pressure. This feeling of pressure can occur even when there is no real reason to urinate. Equisetum can be used by any age for uri control. Equisetum can be used by people suffering from frequent nighttime urgency, bladder spasms, bedwetting, or the inability to urinate fully.
Equisetum 30C is used for incontinence. Equisetum can help for sensations that the bladder is full that are not relieved with urination.
Sucrose base tablets. Economy bottle with 800 pellets- 265 doses.
General dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day.
If problems with frequent waking in the night with urinay urgency, then take an additional dose in the evening.
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