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Product: Esophagus 6C economy 800 pellets
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Our popular Esophagus is now in an larger economy 1 oz size with 800 pellets. 10 times larger than multidose tubes. Great size for regular use for chronic symptoms from reflux. Use Esophagus 6C for symptoms of indigestion, burning, GERD, or hiatal hernia. Use Esophagus 6C for natural support for esophageal tissue. Use for Esophageal Stricture that is often connected with reflux.   Esophagus 6C may help with globus esophagus with a sensation of a ball in the lower esophagus.

Esophagus 6C can be useful a a wide range of esophageal diseases to prevent further damage to tissue. The esophasus, oesophagus, or gullet, is a muscular tube that is the organ through which food passes from the pharynx to the stomach. 

J. Beck praised Esophagus 6C as, "The products that finally helped my adult son after years of suffering with esophageal disease and trying many medications and products". 

Esophagus 6C  can be used to help offset side effects from medication used for heartburn.

This is a single remedy product, not a combination. Ingredient if only Esophagus in  6C potency. This potency is for organ use to support and protect esophagus tissue.  Economy 800 pellets. Pellets are in a sucrose and cornstarch base. 

SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 pellets taken at one time as one dose. Slowly dissolve pellets orally. 

Humans: Symptom relief: Take dose 3 times daily.

Pets: Give 1-2 doses daily. Can put pellets on top of moist food or in a treat.

Esophagus 6C can be used before eating to help with symptoms of swallowing difficulties. 

Use at night for reflux symptoms that are worse at night. Use at night for symptoms that are worse when lying down.

Maintenance dose can be used after all symptoms are gone. Continue with 1 dose daily. 

$26.00 Buy Esophagus 6C economy 800 pellets