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Product: #6 Kali Phos 6X 500 tablets 10% off SALE!
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Kali Phos, #6, can be useful for dental problems. Potassium is an important electrolyte. Potassium controls pH balance and water balance. Regulates the transfer of nutrients into the cells. Kali Phos for Dental Problems:
Dry Mouth
Spongy Gums
Bleeding Gums
Receding Gums
Bad Breathe
Dental problems that are worse with Anxiety. Kali phos is helpful for tension headaches associated with intellectual fatigue.
Kali Phos is also known as Kali Phosphoricum and is the homeopathic Cell Salt from the mineral Potassium Phosphate.
Kali Phos is one of the 12 Homeopathic Cell Salts, also termed Tissue Salts or Biochemic Salts.
We sell the original fast acting Schussler’s Cell Salts. Biochemic minerals for cellular health in instant melt-in-your-mouth tablets. Biochemistry developed by Dr. Schussler, is the use of low homeopathic potency to help the body utilize the corresponding mineral more efficiently in the body. Cell Salts are used successfully because they are the foundational nutrition for the body’s enzyme activities and energy cycles. Cell Salts are instantly bioavailable.
. Cell Salt Questions and Answers.
Suggested dose is 3 tablets right before meals. Retail $12.30, now 10% off. $10.99 for economy 500 tablets.
  $10.99 Buy #6 Kali Phos 6X 500 tablets 10% off SALE!

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