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Product: Ferrum Phos #4 Cell Salt 6X 500 tablets
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Ferrum Phos is an important fever remedy. Ferrum Phos is useful in any health problems with inflammation. Ferrum Phos is a great addition to your other homeopathic remedies and supplements for lung support. Listed as #4 Cell Salt- mineral used on a cellular level. Fever Phos is the blood's oxygen carrier. Ferrum Phos helps to speed recovery from illness, injuries, fatigue.
Use Ferrum Phos for fatigue, anemia, dark circles under the eyes. Ferrum Phos is helpful for low or mild fever, infections, inflammations, fatigue, lack of stamina, chronic conditions, congestion, muscular strains.
Ferrum Phos is one of the fast acting original Schussler's Cell Salts, a biochemic mineral for health and healing. Known as the magic healing tissue remedies. Cell Salts means minerals for cell health. Homeopathic Cell Salts can be used for better health because minerals are the foundational nutrition for the body's enzyme activities and energy cycles. Ferrum Phos goes right into the cells to help with oxygenation.
Ferrum Phos gives strength to the circular walls of the blood vessels, especially the arteries. Ferrum Phos helps with a lack of blood corpuscles as in anemia, and also as a first aid remedy for hemorrhages. This tissue salt can be given at the early stages of most acute disorders, and it should be administered at frequent intervals until the inflammatory symptoms subside. Ferrum Phos's Mini Materia Medica:
Cough: Helpful for painful, short, tickling cough. Hard, dry cough with sore chest. Better at night
Diarrhea: Useful for diarrhea with fever, from infections.
Earache: Helpful for early stages of an earache. Ear feels stopped, pain, and throbbing. When Belladonna fails.
Fever: Useful for fever with gradual Onset. Early stages, no clear symptoms for any other remedy. Pale, easy flushing, rosy cheeks. Rapid, soft pulse. Restless
Headache: Helpful for head sore to touch with throbbing pain. Worse from excess sun, moving, cold.
Hemorrhage: Useful for bright bleeding from any orifice.
Nosebleeds: Helpful for nosebleeds with profuse, bright red blood. Clots easily.
Sleeplessness: Useful for restlessness and anxious dreams
Sore Throat: Helpful for a sore throat in its early stages. Tonsils red and swollen. Sore throat of singers and speakers. After operations on throat and nose.
Ferrum Phosphoricum, Ferrum Phosphate, Ferrum Phos all refer to the important mineral Iron Phosphate. Ferrum Phosphate is known as one of the Homeopathic Cell Salts, Tissue Salts or Biochemic Salts.

Lactose based tablets. 

SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 tablets at one time as one dose.

3 doses daily for symptom relief. 

For general health maintenance: Take one dose daily.

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