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Product: Cholesterinum 200C 1 oz spray
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Cholesterinum is useful for cholesterol concerns. Cholesterinum in a higher 200C potency for additional effectiveness. Cholesterinum is useful for liver dysfunction. Cholesterinum 200C supports liver functions and since 80% of cholesterol is produced by the liver, using Cholesterinum 200C can be an important part of your cholesterol health plan.
Cholesterinum 200C is listed for elevated cholesterol; gall stone colic; hepatic engorgements - liver enlargement.

People of all ages and backgrounds can have high cholesterol. High cholesterol increasing concerns for heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. 1/3 of American adults have high LDL/ Low density lipoprotein, the cholesterol that is undesired. A desirable level is lower than 200 mg/dL. The average cholesterol level for adult Americans is about 200 mg/dL, which is borderline high risk.
Cholesterol is a natural substance produced by the liver and found in foods such as meat and cheese. Cholesterol is a soft fat-like substance and acts as an aid in vital bodily functions such as building new cells and producing hormones.
Foods that don't contain animal products may contain another harmful substance called trans fats, which cause your body to produce more cholesterol. Also, foods with saturated fats cause the body to make more cholesterol. Foods high in sugar are also associated with developing higher cholesterol levels in the blood.
The amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream is important because of its role in various cardiovascular diseases. LDL cholesterol collects in the walls of arteries, initiating "hardening of the arteries" or atherosclerosis.
Cholesterinum 200C potency comes in a food grade alcohol base. 1 oz bottle with 200 sprays.

Suggested dose:
Use 3 sprays prior to meals. Use 2 to 3 times daily.
Can continue regularly as part of your cholesterol health plan.

$19.99 Buy Cholesterinum 200C 1 oz spray