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Product: Thimerosal 30C 400 pellets
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Thimerosal in homeopathic 30C potency can be used as part of your health plan that includes assisting the body in removing symptoms that may occur from dental work, vaccines and other procedures which expose you to mercury and mercury derivatives or their fumes.
Many vaccines use Thimerosal which is a mercury derivative. Thimerosal is used in vaccine as a preservative. Thimerosol is thought by some parents and health professionals to be the cause of various nerve damage, autism and impairing the immune system to protect against leucemia and cancer.
Thimerosal is a chemical compound that contains 49.6 percent mercury as a preservative. Mercury is one of the most dangerous toxins known to scientists. This is 100 times the exposure that the Environmental Protection Agency's Poison Control Center guidelines consider safe for the average-sized infant, as mercury is known to cause neurotoxicity and brain damage that mirrors the symptoms of autism. Website for Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety has additional information.
Thimerosal 30C is safe and without whole molecules, live or active bacteria.
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Thimerosal 30C potency in a 1/2 oz bottle of 400 pellets with 133 doses, sucrose base.

Suggested dosing is 4 pellets. Allow pellets to dissolve in the mouth:
Taken prior to exposure or prior to vaccination:
Use daily dose for 3 days prior to vaccination and continue for 1 week following.

Taken following exposure or following vaccination:
Use daily dose for 2 weeks.
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