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Product: Select Your Pre or Post Vaccine Kit
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Vaccine Kits for preparation for vaccination, or Vaccine Kits for use following vaccination. VACCINE KITS AVAILABLE:
MMR -Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
DTaP -Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussinum
HIB -Haemophilus Influenza B
Meningitis -- NEW!
Select your Pre or Post Vaccine Kit in the COMMENT BOX, located after shopping basket checkout. Type the 1 kit you want. Choices: MMR, DTAP, POLIO, HEPATITIS, HIB/ Haemophilus Influenza B.
Each Kit has specific remedies to support the organs and systems of the body exposed to vaccines.
Use the specific Vaccine Kit to prepare the body for vaccination and protect the immune system and nervous system.
Or, use the specific Vaccine Kit anytime following vaccination to help the body eliminate substances that affect the brain and nervous system.
Vaccine Kit can be used years following vaccination to address health problems or can be taken directly following vaccination.

Pre-Vaccine dosage information is included. Allow 1 week before vaccination is scheduled.
Post-Vaccine dosage information is included if you type into the Comment Box, Post. The remedy packets are the same for Pre and Post Vaccine Kits, but dosage protocol is different for post vaccine concerns. Specify if you want Post dosing - type POST in COMMENT BOX.

The Kits contain remedies that help the body eliminate the harmful residual substances found in vaccines.
Ingredients include the vaccine nosode in both a middle potency of 6C as well as a higher potency of 200C.
Vaccine Kit contains a proprietary blend of researched remedies that support the liver and protect the brain and nervous system.

Remember to specify the Vaccine Kit you are selecting. Type in the Vaccine Kit name in the COMMENT BOX, located above your billing address during check out. Only MMR Pre Vaccine Kit is pictured, but order here for any of the following:

MMR -Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
DTaP -Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussinum
HIB -Haemophilus Influenza B
Hepatitis B

Type in name of the Vaccine Kit in the COMMENT BOX. Type in if you want Post Vaccine instructions. Comment Box is seen after you check out of the shopping basket and above Billing and Shipping information.

Here is some additional information on vaccine sensitivity:
MMR is for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Morbillinum is the measles nosode, also known under the name rubeola or red measles. Morbillinum is also listed for symptoms of skin eruption with cough. Parotidinum is the mumps nosode. Parotidinum is also listed for symptoms of swollen glands. Rubella is the German measles nosode.
MMR vaccine may contribute to autism. Request MMR Vaccine Kit for pre or post vaccination use.

DPT and vaccine variations may contribute to chronic ear and sinus infections. Request DTAP Vaccine Kit. Include if using for pre or post vaccination.

Polio vaccine may contribute to learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD. Request Polio Vaccine Kit. Include if using for pre or post vaccination.

Our educational site can help you make informed decisions for your own health protection. Pellets are lactose free, base of sucrose/cornstarch. No additional binders or fillers.
Combination of remedies are combined in 1 pellet and placed in a packet. Follow direction on when to use each packet to complete the kit.

$39.95 Buy  Select Your Pre or Post Vaccine Kit