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Product: Tuberculinum 1M 400 pellets
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Tuberculinum / TB 1M is listed for respiratory symptoms with fatigue.  Respiratory symptoms with hacking coughs and excess phlegm. Sensation on pressure on the chest. Sensation of constriction. Tuberculinum 1M  is listed for bronchitis, flu, and pneumomia concerns. Use homeopathy in connection with other health modalities. 
Tuberculinum 1M can be used for swollen glands. Tuberculinum is also known as Tuberculinum Kent, Tuberculinum Bovine, Tuberculinum Crud or Residum. Use Tuberculinum to detox from yearly TB tests.
Tuberculinum is homeopathic potency for use in miasmic dosing and various respiratory symptoms. 

1/2 oz with 400 pellets for 130 doses.

SUGGESTED DOSE FOR EMERGENCY HEALTH is 3 pellets as one dose and taken twice daily. 

For relief of symptoms, take 3-4 times daily. 

$21.99 Buy Tuberculinum  1M 400 pellets