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Product: Ferrum Phos 200C economy 1 oz 800 pellets
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Ferrum Phos in a stronger 200C for relief of symptoms due to lack of oxygen, such as inflammations, fatigue, and weakness. Ferrum Phos is known for help with pain, swelling, fever, ingestions, lack of stamina, chronic conditions, congestion, muscular strains. Ferrum Phos gives strength to the walls of the blood vessels. Ferrum Phosphate helps with a lack of blood corpuscles as in anemia, and serves as a first aid remedy. Can be given at the early stages of most acute disorders. Ferrum Phos is the blood's oxygen carrier. Kathryn Jones, Homeopathic Specialist, feels that Ferrum Phosphate should always be considered as a supplement remedy for fevers, infections, and anemia. Keep Ferrum Phosphate on hand for fevers that do not respond to the remedy Belladonna. Ferrum Phosphate offer natural support for anemia concerns without the side effects of iron tonics.

Ferrum Phos is a top remedy for fatigue and weakness during and following illness. Use Ferrum Phos for the child that has uneven color in the face or the color has drained out of the child's face.

Keynote for Ferrum Phos is a slow and gradual onset of illness. The is the opposite of Aconite's rapid onset of illness.

Useful for nosebleeds, sore throat, stuffy nose. Ferrum Phos is a helpful remedy for inflammations, fatigue, weakness.

Testimonial, "I have some Ferrum Phos and the headache pills for migraines. I filled out a consultation and you recommended the Ferrum Phos. I got through my last menstrual cycle headache free! Have been slacking on the Ferrum Phos and got a migraine today. Back on the Ferrum Phos. I should of known better. Thanks for everything, Jill".

Ferrum Phos, also goes by Ferrum Phosphoricum and Ferrum Phosphate.

Economy 1 oz with 800 pellets for 265 doses. Pellets are sucrose and cornstarch base.

Suggested dose:

3 pellets at one time as one dose. Repeat daily with less frequency as improvement is made.

$26.99 Buy Ferrum Phos 200C economy 1 oz 800 pellets