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Product: Spongia Tosta 30C economy 1 oz 680 pellets 15% SALE
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Spongia Tosta is useful for coughs, colds, croup, asthma. Spongia Tosta helps with breathing difficulties from coughs, croup, asthma. Spongia Tosta helps with coughs that include wheezing. Use Spongia Tosta for laryngitis with a raw burning sensation. Useful for colds with burning in nose and throat. Use Spongia Tosta before bedtime for those children who wake from sleep scared from difficult breathing and coughing.
Croup is any obstructive condition of the larynx (voice box) or trachea (windpipe), characterized by a hoarse, barking cough and difficult breathing. Occurs most frequently in infants and children.
Spongia Tosta is made from roasted sponge from the sea. Sponge contains significant amounts of iodine and bromine and used both allopathically and homeopathically to treat goiter, and other thyroid problems.

Spongia tosta's Mini Materia Medica:
COLDS: Helpful for a cold in which nose alternately runs and stops up. Eyes water, discharge mucus
COUGH: Useful for a cough that is worse when lying down, hoarse, dry, barking, "like sawing through a board". Good for cough with tickling in throat. Breathing harsh, dry sounding, and difficult, as if a plug is in the throat. Awakens with sensation of suffocation.
CROUP: Helpful for a cough after Aconite/acute stage. Dry, barking, sawing cough. Wakes out of sleep with feeling of suffocation, loud violent cough, fright, and difficult breathing. Wheezing worse during inspiration
EXHAUSTION: Helpful for exhaustion in which a heaviness of body after slight exertion is felt. Better from: Lying with head low, Swallowing. Worse from: Before midnight, Lying down, After sleep, Talking, Wind. Exertion, After eating sweet things
HOARSENESS: Useful for Hoarseness with larynx burning, dry, constricted
SORE THROAT: Helpful for dry throat with stitching, burning, stinging pain. Constantly clearing throat. Throat sensitive to touch.

Dosage and potency guidelines.
1 oz with 680 pellets for 225 doses.

Suggested dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made.

Economy 1 oz bottle with 680 pellets- that's over 9 times more pellets than multidose tubes! $26 retail, now 15% SALE.
  $22.00 Buy Spongia Tosta 30C economy 1 oz 680 pellets 15% SALE

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