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Product: Hyoscyamus 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets 15% SALE
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Hyoscyamus is helpful to calm anxiety, irritability, restlessness, nervous agitation. Hyoscyamus is useful for ADHD type symptoms in children .
Hyoscyamus remedy can be daytime or evenings to calm child. Hypscyamus is best known for help with ticks, twitching, spasms, nail biting and similar behaviors.  

Hyoscyamus helps with restlessness due to anxiety, depression. Hyoscyamus helps emotional agitatations. Sleepiness in the daytime, insomnia at night. Use Hyoscyamus for restlessness or insomnia due to colds, coughs, or anxiety. Use for nervousness with insomnia. 

Hyoscyamus complete term is Hyoscyamus Niger. May also go under Hyoscyamus Nig. Misspellings include Hyocaimus. 

Suggested dose is 3 pellets at one time as one dose.

Give 1 dose in the morning, or before school. Another dose before  a concentration activity, and after school.

 Retail $26. 15% off SPECIAL.

$22.00 Buy Hyoscyamus 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets 15% SALE