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Product: Belladonna 200C economy 1 oz with 680 pellets
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Belladonna is first-aid for fevers and inflammation. Belladonna has a beneficial action on the circulatory system and blood vessels, so may be useful for fevers, headaches, swollen glands, lightheadedness, congestion, hard pounding pulse & elevated or high blood pressure.
Use Belladonna when fever or inflammation include redness on ears, face or throat, fever with pain, hot, red skin, flushed congested face, abscesses with redness and throbbing pain. Fever with thirst and moist skin associated with colds and flu. Belladonna helps with high fever with perspiration.
Belladonna is useful for throbbing headaches, hard pounding pulse.
Belladonna is beneficial for people with a tendency to swollen glands.
Belladonna is helpful for to the sleepy that cannot sleep.
Belladonna helps when mental symptoms are an overemotional state, critical and complaining, can’t handle least bit of upset.
Worse with: Bright Light, noise, motion, lying down, in the afternoon, drafts, cold winds, sensitive to touch.
Better with: Pressure or sitting up.
Belladonna is from the Nightshade plant, through the process of dilution, homeopathic remedies no longer contain whole molecules and are safe for adults and children.
Testimonial on Belladonna, "I suffer from acid reflux which I had for many years and did not know it, thinking it was from a heart murmur. I ended up taking a ride by ambulance to E.R. thinking it was a heart attack to learn no, it's just acid reflux and my heart is fine. At that time they gave me 12 tablets of Belladonna Alkaloids w/PB tablets, take 2 every 6 hours as needed for chest pains. Well I was a psych nurse for many years, so hate to take anything I don't have to. I managed to make these last for two years using them only as needed and kept one last one for what I thought would be an emergency day, but didn't need it. Now much to my horror we've had a terrible crisis in our family, so I've really had a hard five months now. Plus my other daughter is getting married and all the stress has been very difficult physically. I do not have the money to spend $20 for my primary care doctor and $30 plus 20% of the bill for a specialist and another $40 for medications at this time. I am also taking sulphur 30X for my eczema which has given me such wonderful relief by the way. I used that one Belladonna tab I had, but I need a few more to get me through this horrible time of stress, along with the indigestion I have the heartburn chest pain. Sincerely, Sue."
Belladonna's Mini Materia Medica:
Children: Useful for colds and flu, sore throats, rapid high fever.
A great children's first aid remedy. Child may be prone to swollen glands.
Dental: Throbbing pain in teeth. Grinds teeth. Useful for toothache that is throbbing, especially right-sided.
Circulation: A great circulatory remedy. Useful for cold hands and feet due to poor circulation. Poor circulation and low thyroid should be considered when hands & feet are always cold. Our Thyroid Support can be used along with Belladonna.
Colic: Helpful for colic with severe cramping pain
Earache: Useful for ear pain that is throbbing, beating. Earache in right ear.
Eyes: From the Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica we see Belladonna lists as helpful spots or ulcers on the cornea; for yellow or redness in eyes; for dry, burning eyes; inflammation and throbbing pain in eyes; weak sight or night blindness, or sensitive to light.
Face: Useful for face that is red, hot, swollen, shiny, but dry.
Fever: Helpful for extreme high fever that comes on suddenly, then breaks just as suddenly. Skin is dry, burning hot; feels hot to the touch. Feet are icy cold. No thirst with fever. Red face, Hot, dry skin. Cold hands and feet. Restlessness. Sleepy, but cannot sleep, thrashing about, twitching in sleep. Hard, pounding pulse
Headache: Keep Belladonna on hand to stop a throbbing headache. Head feels full, hot. Sinus headache. Constant moaning. Worse in forehead, temples and right side, sensitivity to light, motion, noise. Flushed hot face, but extremities are cold. Sunstroke.
Mental: Useful for a person whose mentality is moaning, critical and complaining, can't stand least bit of upset.
Mouth: Helpful for dry mouth. Throbbing pain in teeth. Grinds teeth. Strawberry tongue.
Nose: Useful for nose that feels dry, hot.
Respiratory: Beneficial for short, dry, tickling cough. Worse at night. Better when sitting up.
Skin: Helpful for skin that is dry, hot, swollen. Useful is cases of measles, mumps and chicken pox.
Sleep: Useful for person who is sleepy, but cannot sleep.
Sore Throat: Helpful for throat that is a bright, red color. Strawberry tongue, red on edges
Stomach: Useful for stomach with no appetite, swollen, distended, hot, tender.. Very thirsty, but dreads drinking.
Throat: Helpful for dry, red, sore throat. Worse right side. Tonsils are swollen. Throat feels constricted, like it has a lump in it. Difficulty swallowing even liquids.

Dosage and potency guidelines.
1 oz with 680 pellets for 225 doses.
Suggested dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made.
Economy 1 oz bottle with 680 pellets- that's over 9 times more pellets than multidose tubes!
  $28.99 Buy Belladonna    200C economy 1 oz with 680 pellets

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