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Product: Nux Vomica 200C economy 1 oz with 680 pellets
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Nux Vomica is long standing homeopathic remedy. Nux Vomica is often thought of as a first aid treatment for indigestion after eating too rich food. 

Nux Vomica is from the poison nut tree, a tree from the Far East and used in 30C or 200C. In 30C potency and above, there is no molecule left of the  original substance, but in homeopathic dilution can calm the body's systems.

Refer to your homeopathic materia medicas for Nux Vomica's long list of rubrics. 

Nux Vomica modalities include: Better from: Evening, Strong pressure, Eating, Warmth, Touch, Rest, Spices and Worse from: Mental exertion, Anger, Uninterrupted nap; Dry weather; Over doing stimulants, Impatience, Oversensitivity to noise, light, touch, odors.

Economy size of 1 oz with 800 pellets for 265 doses.

SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 pellets as one dose. Slowly dissolve in the mouth.
Use one dose 1 to 4 times daily. 

$28.99 Buy Nux Vomica 200C economy 1 oz with 680 pellets