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Product: Nux Vomica 30C ECONOMY 1 oz 800 pellets
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Nux Vomica is a nice family remedy for various minor complaints that occur. Seasonal allergies, dry hacking cough, shortness of breath, asthma. Nux Vomica is listed for pain in chest as from a bruise with shortness of breath. Nux Vomica is listed for pain in neck or back.
Nux Vomica is a basic indigestion remedy. Put Nux Vomica by your bed stand, if you find yourself waking up too early in the morning and unable to go back to sleep. Combine the 2 problems of indigestion and restlessness and again the answer is Nux Vomica.
Useful for the person who is always on the go, pushes themselves 24/7. Works hard, eats fast. Nux Vomica relieves nausea, sour burping, gas and bloating. Use Nux Vomica after eating for indigestion, heartburn, after effects of overeating or from eating rich or spicy foods.
Nux Vomica is a great remedy for your medicine cabinet for restless sleep, holiday overeating, stomach aches, aches, stuffy nose. Nux Vomica is a polycrest remedy and is helpful on many areas of the body. Nux Vomica is a good family remedy.
Nux Vomica is helpful for headaches: headaches with indigestion; hangover headache;
headache from over-indulgence in rich food or drink. Nux Vomica helps with heartburn or drowsiness due to excessive eating or drinking.
Headaches with a splitting pain in back of head or over eyes. Frontal headaches that feels worse in the sun, but better in a warm room.
Nux Vomica, Nux, is made from the Poison Nut Tree, a tree from the Far East and used in 30C or 200C, there is no substance or poisonour effects left, but there is an enhancement of health benefits.

Nux Vomica's Mini Materia Medica:
ASTHMA: Helpful for attacks that often follow stomach upset with much belching. Oppressed breathing with shallow respiration
COLDS: Useful for early stages of colds. Stuffy cold. Attacks of sneezing or sore throat. Nose runs during day and stopped at night. Sniffles of infants.
CONSTIPATION ALTERNATING WITH DIARRHEA: Corrects frequent, ineffective urging to stool. "Something left behind". To help relieve the laxative habit
COUGHS: Helpful for dry, Tight, hacking, or tickling cough with sore throat and chest. Sensation that coughs tears something loose in chest. Coughing spells. Cough brings on a bursting headache. FLU: Useful for the inability to get warm; shivering, especially after drinking. Chilly from least movement under covers. Cramping pains.
HEADACHE: Helps with "Hangover headache," from over-indulgence in rich food or drink. Splitting pain in back of head or over eyes, as if nail driven in. Frontal pain, desire to press head against something. Scalp sore to touch. Headache in sunshine. Associated with stomach problems
INDIGESTION: Useful for sour and bitter belching. Bloating of abdomen few hours after eating. Heartburn. Overindulgence in rich food, coffee, liquor
INSOMNIA: Helpful for insomnia that occurs after mental strain, or with thoughts of day's work. Cannot sleep after 3:00a.m. until morning; wakes feeling miserable.
Better from: Evening, Strong pressure, Eating, Warmth, Touch, Rest, Spices
Worse from: Mental exertion, Anger, Uninterrupted nap; Dry weather; over doing stimulants, such as coffee, liquor, narcotics.
MENTAL: Useful for irritability, impatience, oversensitivity to noise, light, touch, odors. Workaholics with sedentary life style.
NAUSEA: Helpful for constant nausea, sour burping.
PREGNANCY: Help for nausea of pregnancy. Stops morning sickness that occurs from just certain foods or smells. 1 oz with 680 pellets for 250 doses.

SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 to 6 pellets as one dose. Slowly dissolve in the mouth is desirable, but not necessary when giving to pets, children or elderly.
Give 1 dose 2 to 4 times daily. As improvement is made, use with less frequency.
Economy 1 oz bottle with 680 pellets- that's over 10 times more pellets than multidose tubes!

$26.00 Buy Nux Vomica 30C ECONOMY 1 oz 800 pellets