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Product: Lachesis 30C 1 oz bottle with 680 pellets 15% sale
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Lachesis is a wonderful remedy for circulatory problems. Lachesis is useful for skin problems where there is skin discoloration with circulatory problems, such as rosacea, acne, Raynaud's Syndrome. Use Lachesis as a complementary remedy with your other therapies.
Lachesis is helpful for problems where the skin appears bluish, purplish, mottled. Lachesis helps with cold feet.
Use Lachesis for blotchy skin after sun exposure. Lachesis can help with sun headaches.
Testimonial from Dominique, "I love taking Lachesis because of the varicose problem, and it had done very neat work on the flushing..."
Thanks to Nick for his testimonial, "For the record I have a grandmother that was having sever throat trouble (she's a long time smoker). I sent her some Lachesis that I ordered through your site and she has improved. Lachesis has also helped myself and my girlfriend with headaches and fevers when a mysterious bug was getting everyone sick here in Northern California about two weeks ago." (Aug 2005).
Lachesis helps with left sided sore throat. Lachesis is useful for reproductive organs, including painful periods and perimenopause difficulties. Lachesis is helpful for hot flashes associated with menopause. Lachesis is helpful for symptoms that include a red face and not better with perspiration. Lachesis is useful for the range of hormonal and life changes, such as hot flashes, headaches, thinning hair.
Lachesis can be used as a adjunct for high blood pressure due to hormonal imbalance, menopause and during pregnancy. Lachesis helps with left sides ovary pain and uterine complaints.
A Lachesis person often has a strong dislike for tight clothing about the neck and feels worse in the morning after sleeping.
Dosage and potency guidelines.
Economy 1 oz with 680 pellets for 225 dose. $26 retail, 15% off special.
  $22.00 Buy Lachesis  30C 1 oz bottle with 680 pellets 15% sale

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