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Product: Zincum Met 6X 1/2 oz with 400 pellets
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No Picture Zincum Met, Zinc Met, is an important mineral for the immune system. Zincum Met in homeopathic potency can help the body utilize Zinc better from food sources and supplements. Zincum Met speeds skin healing and protects the liver, so is helpful with reoccurring skin ailments, such as
acne, wounds, and cold sores.
Zincum Met helps with leg cramps. "Zincum Met is working wonders on my husband's restless legs and without any side effects. Donna WI". Essential mineral for men. Deficiency can worsen prostate problems.

Zincum Met supports normal appetite. Helps to enhance appetite for picky eaters/youngsters; elderly who complain food lacks smell or taste; poor appetite following illness; or poor eating habits. Thank you to our customer for this testimonial, "His appetite had begun to pick up prior to the arrival of the zinc, but we're going to keep that up now and hope it'll keep him on an even keel. I look forward to many long years of doing business with you and wish you the very, very best!" BNN
Zinc Met is listed for neuralgia, dull burning pain. Headaches, confusion and cloudiness.

Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, Zinc helps tissues that are worn out faster than they can be repaired(definition of the suffix fag): Nerve-fag, brain-fag, muscle-fag. Zinc meets the effects of brain fog from over-study or fatigue. But there is another kind of nerve-poisoning met by Zinc: the poisoning of suppressed eruptions or discharges.
Some of the keynotes of Zincum Met will be present to give the clue. The most important of these is: 'Incessant and violent fidgety feeling in feet or lower limbs; must move them constantly; cannot keep them quiet. The movement may continue even during sleep"(restless legs).
Zinc Met is also known as Zincum Met or Zincum Metallicum.
Pellets are sucrose and GMO free cornstarch base.
Suggested dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day. For general health use 3 pellets once daily.
1/2 oz bottle with 400 pellets for 133 doses.
  $15.99 Buy Zincum Met  6X 1/2 oz with 400 pellets

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