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Product: Sepia 200C 1 oz with 680 pellets
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Sepia is a very useful remedy for relief of irritability. Sepia helps to rebalance the body following overwork, exhaustion, trauma, illness. Sepia is a great remedy for seasonal affective disorder - SAD symptoms. If your joints stiffen up in cold, damp, wet and cloudy weather and your emotions stiffen up as well, try Sepia. Sepia is well-known for calming the nerves.
Sepia is helpful for many female issues. Sepia may be helpful for hormonal imbalance, hair thinning, headaches, hot flashes. Use Sepia for the overworked mother who finds herself overwhelmed. Sepia is useful when you are feeling apathic towards things you normally enjoy.
Sepia seeks to rebalance emotional and physical symptoms such as fatigue, apathy, listlessness, lack of interest in work or family. Sepia helps with mood swings.
Sepia is listed in materia medicas for balancing a wide range of problems connected with menopause, including perimenopause symptoms, early onset menopause, and instant menopause due to hysterectomy.
Sepia relieves congestion in the body such as head colds, sinus congestion, menstrual congestion.
Sepia improves circulation and helps with swelling, stiffness, general fatigue and a worn out feeling. A Sepia person may complain of cold feet and is worse in cold weather.
Sepia is a useful female remedy for reproductive ailments including emotional upsets, menstrual problems, irregular cycles, dysmenorrheal, morning sickness, uterus prolapsed, not well since menopause. Sepia helps with fatigue and irritability of overworked mothers.
Sepia helps with physical weakness such as bladder weakness, bedwetting soon after going to bed, enuresis, incontinence, bladder weakness after a cough or sneeze.
Useful for skin ailments such as tetters, sensitive skin, ulcers, itching turning to burning sensation, warts on the neck, hands or face, itching warts.
Sepia is homeopathic potenized from the inky juice of the Cuttlefish.
Dosage and potency guidelines.
Suggested dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made.
Economy 1 oz bottle with 680 pellets for 225 doses - that's over 9 times more pellets than multidose tubes!
$28.99 Buy Sepia   200C 1 oz with 680 pellets