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Product: Argentum Nit 30C economy 1 oz 680 pellets 15% sale
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Use Argentum Nit for the nervous system. Top remedy for sugar cravings. Indigestion and gas that is worse after eating sweets. Argentum Nitricum/ Argnetum Nit can be used for emotional, mental, or physical nerve disorders.
Argentum Nit’s Keynote Symptoms include apprehension, worry, fearful anticipation, inadequancy. Argentum Nit promotes certainty, self confidence, self-assurance.
Argentum Nit relieves nervousness, anxiety, insecurity, fears.
Argentum Nitricum is abbreviated Argentum Nit and is the Nitrate of Silver.
Argentum Nit is useful for inflammation of the nerves, neuritis, numbness and tingling or pains in the arms and legs. Use Argentum Nit for apprehension or stage fright before performances or speeches.
Peg in NJ made this comment, "Dear Kathryn: Thanks so much for your wonderful response and informative email. I really do appreciate it and want to learn more about homeopathy. Sometimes it seems so gentle that you wouldn't think it could accomplish anything. My husband took some Argentum on an outing because he was so full of anxiety. He used it for a few days and is now so calm".
Argentum Nit is very helpful for indigestion that includes excessive burping, gas, heartburn, bloating, stomach and abdominal pain. Argentum Nit is useful for indigestion or colitis symptoms that worsen from stress or anticipation of an event. Argentum Nit soothes acid indigestion, colic, headache, lightheadedness.
Use Argentum Nit for burning pain in stomach or rectum. Argentum Nit helps with indigestion that is made worse after eating sugar.
Argentum Nit is also known as Argentum Nitricum.
Economy 1 oz bottle of 680 pellets, 225 doses. 9 times more pellets than multidose tubes.
SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made. Dosage and potency guidelines.

Goes by abbreviation Arg Nit, or spelled Argentum Nitrium, or Argentrum Nit.
$26 retail, 15% OFF SPECIAL.
  $22.00 Buy Argentum Nit  30C economy 1 oz 680 pellets 15% sale

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