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Product: Fragaria Vesca 30C 1 fluid oz
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Fragaria Vesca is used for softening and removing tartar and dental plaque that can cause bad breath, gingivitis, and decay. Apply a few drops Fragaria Vesca around gums prior to flossing. Fragaria Vesca in 3OC potency for severe or chronic problems.
Using Fragaria while flossing provides protection against plaque build up. Plaque build up can lead to gingivitis.
Gingivitis left untreated can progress into periodontitis, a more severe gum disease that can compromise integrity of tooth sockets.
Customers are telling us that their teeth feel much cleaner with Fragaria Vesca. Fragaria Vesca may be helpful to prevent formation of calculi. Safe and natural-Fragaria Vesca is a homeopathic remedy from woodland strawberry. Use Fragaria Vesca with proper brushing and flossing to aid in preventing plaque build up. Fragaria Vesca provides pain relief around tender gum pockets.
Plaque creates unfavorable bacterial acids that harm gums. Plaque hardens into tartar/calculus within 72 hours. Apply a dropper of Fragaria Vesca onto gums directly after eating to help with sensitivity, and painful gums.
Fragaria Vesca is used for problems of deep pockets, gingivitis, and sensitive teeth. Easy to use dropper to apply around the gum line. Can use with your regular toothpaste. Use Fragaria Vesca after each meal or as needed for pain or problem teeth. Use 1 dropper full as needed, no shaking or diluting needed.
In addition to Fragaria Vesca's use for dental concerns, the remedy is listed in materia medica for other problems such as symptoms of biliousness, chilblains, convulsions, erysipelas, gonorrhea, tapeworm and urticaria.
1 fluid oz in an food grade corn alcohol base.
For pets, use our pellets.
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