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Product: Arnica 30C economy 1 oz with 680 pellets 15% SALE
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Arnica Montana is famous as the "overworked muscle" remedy whether from age, work, sports, arthritis. Arnica provides fast relief from pain, shock, and trauma. Our #1 injury remedy! Arnica helps the body to heal from injury and reduce swelling, bruising, pain.
Arnica is useful prior to dental work, surgeries, and prolonged sports training to help the body gear up for repairing tissues from trauma. Arnica is used for pain relief while healing from injuries, fractures, muscular aches.
Arnica helps with health concerns that involve the circulatory system. Arnica can be used for poor circulation and slow healing wounds and injuries. Arnica may be helpful for blood sugar balancing at 3 pellets twice daily.
Arnica is the number one remedy for muscle and joint injury.
Use Arnica after injuries to recover faster from bruising, sprains, fractures, pulled muscles, shin splints.
Arnica is always suitable in stress and shock. Arnica is useful for insomnia from over-exhaustion. Arnica is helpful when taken prior and during flying for jet lag and motion sickness.
Arnica is from the plant, Leopard's Bane.
Keynote Summary:
Shock, injuries, bruising
Overexertion fear of being touched or approached
Pain and ailments from overexertion
Available also in 30C potency.
Arnica is the single most important remedy for trauma when there is marked soreness & tenderness especially to touch or pressure. It is useful for any trauma including bruises, black eyes, sore muscles, & within the first hours after a fracture. For fractures, take Arnica immediately for the pain & to help heal bruised tissues. Take Arnica for pain & swelling from sprains & strains.
Arnica Montana's Mini Materia Medica:
Arthritis: Helps with arthritis with aches and pains from overexertion, age, old injuries
Black eyes: Useful for eyes with bruising
Blows: Helpful for blows with shock, use as first aid treatment
Bruises: Useful for bruising injuries, soreness, bleeding into tissues, swelling
Dental Work: Use prior to and after any dental work to lessen pain and speed healing
Injuries: Helpful for injuries with pulled muscles, aches, swelling
Muscles: Useful for muscles with aches and pains from overexertion; arthritis; old injuries
Shin Splints: Use prior to exercise to minimize chance of shin splints Overexertion to minimize pain.
Shock From Trauma: Use as first aid for shock.
Sore: Helpful for soreness from overexertion
Surgery: Use prior to and after any surgery or operation.
Tendon: Use before or after exercise to reduce soreness of tendon. Helps with muscular jerking or weakness.
This remedy is so useful that over 25 of our combination products online include Arnica. Give Arnica to any age-youngsters to elderly for bumps and bruises.
Dosage and potency guidelines.
Best Buy, economy 1 oz with 680 pellets, 255 dose. 9 tiomes more than multidose tubes. Arnica is also known as Arnica Montana.
Retail $26, 15% SALE for $22.00
  $22.00 Buy Arnica  30C  economy 1 oz with 680 pellets 15% SALE

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