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Product: Hekla Lava 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets 10% SALE
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Hekla Lava is a wonderful support remedy for bone problems. Hekla Lava is a remarkable support remedy for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs. Use Hekla Lava as part of your health plan for diseases of the bone. Hekla Lava provides support for relief of bone pain, hairline fractures, heel pain, neuralgia, toothache, jaw pain and other nerve pain.

Thank you to Renate in FL for her testimonial, “I can highly recommend the use of Hekla Lava 30C, if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. I was in constant pain on the bottom of my feet for about a year. Nothing gave me relief. The Health Counselor at Elixirs suggested the use of Hekla Lava. I felt a bit of improvement within about 5 days and progressed as I used the product for a while. Wonderful! And I can wear cute shoes again.

"My joints were huge and gnarled and very painful. I could no longer wear my rings until I started taking Hekla Lava. My joints have straightened out as have my fingers and Hekla Lava has been a wonderful thing". MB OK.<br>

"I have recommended Elixirs to numerous friends. The web-site is user-friendly, the consultant always friendly and knowledgeable and shipments are prompt. Thanks, R.R.”

Hekla Lava can be safely combined with your health plan products for osteopenia, osteoporosis. Use Hekla Lava for support of cartilage and connective tissue. 

Hekla Lava is listed in the Materia Medica as acting upon the jaw and offering support in issues of dental sensitivity, gum abscess, caries of the bone, tooth decay.

Hekla Lava is helpful for a variety of bone issues. Hekla Lava can be tried in cases of bunions. Bunions occurs when one of the bones in the toes, usually the big toe, begins to grow in toward the other toes with a boney bump at the site.

Hekla Lava is listed in the Materia Medica for abscess with facial swelling. Hekla Lava is listed in the Materia Medica for swollen glands. Hekla Lava is listed in the Materia Medica for nasal polyps; ulceration of nasal bones; tumors; necrosis and sinus problems after mastoid operation. Hekla Lava can be a supportive remedy for bone spurs for humans or animals.

Economy 1 oz bottle with 250 doses.

 SUGGESTED DOSE: 3-6 pellets at one time as one dose. Dissolve, slowly chew, or place pellets under tongue. 

1st aid: One dose 2 to 4 times daily. 

Symptom Relief: One dose 3-5 times daily. Use with less frequency as improvement is made.

Chronic symptoms: One dose 2-3 times daily. 

 10% off regularly price of $28, now $24.99 

$24.99 Buy Hekla Lava 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets 10% SALE