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Product: Conium 30C economy 1 oz with 800 pellets
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Conium is listed for relief of lightheadedness, vertigo, dizziness, weakness. The book, The Medical Advisor by TimeLife Books, lists Conium for relief of Meniere's, Meniere's with dizziness that is worse when lying down, Lightheadedness that is worse turning over and is accompanied by sensitivity to light.
Conium is listed for head shaking, tremors, headache, sensitive to noise with pain. Glandular swelling.
Conium is used for indigestion, heartburn, may be accompanied with difficult elimination. Helpful for achy itchy eyes that feel worse after reading.
Urinary difficulties such as retention of urine, pain upon urination, bed wetting with symptoms worse at night, early morning or while lying down.
Conium can be helpful in chronic diseases, cancers.
Matches when concurrent issues include moodiness, memory impairment, poor balance, tremors, or apathetic.
Conium may also go under the names Conium Mac or Conium Maculatum.

Dosage and potency guidelines.>.
Suggested dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made.
Economy 1 oz bottle with 680 pellets for 225 doses - that's over 9 times more pellets than multidose tubes.
$26.00 Buy Conium 30C economy 1 oz with 800 pellets