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Product: Lipocyte 200C 1 oz 800 pellets
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Lipocyte in a higher 200C potency for fatty tissue concerns. Lipocyte, or Lipocite,   200C addresses fatty deposits, fatty tissue pockets, belly fat and other areas of fat storing cell imbalance. Fatty tissue is located underneath the skin, around the kidney, in the liver and within muscles.

Fatty tissue is made up of millions of fats cells called lipocytes. Extra fat is stored in the lipocytes, which expand to accommodate the excess fat. If the fat is needed for energy, the lipocytes shrink again.
Use of Lipocyte 200C may help to depress the production of fatty tissue in the body and balance out fatty areas. Lipocyte 200C can be added to your health program for fatty tumors, lipomas. Ingredient is Lipocyte 200C. Pellet base is sucrose/cornstarch. Economy 800 pellets for over a 4 month supply.

SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 pellets slowly dissolved/ chewed/ or under tongue is considered one dose.

Take one dose 1-3 times a day.

800 pellets 1 bottle contains  3-4 month’s supply and then can continue with maintenance dose of one daily daily. 


$19.99 Buy Lipocyte 200C 1 oz 800 pellets