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Product: Liver 6C 1 oz pellets
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Use Homeopathic Liver to support liver function. Homeopathic organ remedy Liver 6C supports the important detoxing abilities of the liver. Liver 6C stimulates the liver's ability to properly clean and filter toxins out of the blood.
If your symptoms include congestion, toxicity, or sluggish healing, you need liver support-Liver 6C. A healthy liver helps children avoid vaccination reactions.
Everyone benefits from a high functioning liver. A poor functioning liver is implicated in many diseases and dysfunctions. Homeopathy Liver 6C is a natural way to promote liver function.
Liver 6C supports the many digestive functions of the liver such as bile and fat metabolism. The liver performs thousands of metabolic, enzymatic, detoxifying, and regulatory tasks. The liver is central to the metabolis of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, including storage and interconversion. The liver stores vitamins, minerals and sugars as an energy supply. The liver stores such vitamins and minerals as B-12, K, C, manganese, iron and zinc.
Liver 6C supports the liver's ability to filter bacteria and other foreign material out of the blood. The liver eliminates blood-borne toxins.
The liver takes up or releases sugar in the blood as needed-in response to hormonal commands from the adrenals and pancreas.
In addition, the organ itself can be damaged by infection and by chemical abuse, particularly alcoholism.
In carbohydrate metabolism, the liver performs the following functions: 1) Synthesis and storage of glycogen 2) Conversion of other sugars to glucose. 3) Release of glucose for the maintenance of adequate sugar levels in the bloodstream. 4) Synthesis of important bio-chemicals from sugars and other sources.
Fat metabolism in the liver entails the following: 1) Synthesis of fatty acids from amino acids and sugars. 2) Synthesis of lipoproteins, cholesterol and phospholipids. 3) The oxidation of fat for energy, creating large quantities of acetyl coenzyme A and acetoacetic acid which are used for synthesis and energy respectively.
The protein chemistry performed in the liver is perhaps its most essential role. A few of these functions are: 1) The deamination and decarboxylation of amino acids. 2) The conversion of ammonia to urea which is then eliminated by the kidneys. 3) Synthesis and interconversion of amino acids. 4) Synthesis of blood serum proteins including coagulation proteins.
This product includes homeopathic potency of the liver.

Organ therapy / Organotherapy / Sarcodes - refer to homeopathic potency of organs or glands to support and regulate the organs and glands of the body. Organ therapy is effective in helping the body function in a healthy balanced manner. The idea of organ therapy was promoted in the 1800's by Constantine Hering M.D. Homeopathy supports the function of the organ by improving absorption of enzymes and certain nucleic acids lacking in the organ.

Organotherapy, the use of Sarcodes works on the premise that:
1. A homeopathic gland acts upon its corresponding gland.
3. Medium potency 6C is the most frequently used potency because it balances, supports and regulates corresponding gland or organ function.
Pellets in base of sucrose and cornstarch. Ingredient is Liver 6C in a family economy size 1 oz bottle of 800 pellets with 265 doses.

3 pellets as one dose. Use 3 doses daily.

$17.99 Buy Liver 6C 1 oz pellets