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Product: Phosphorus 6C economy 1 oz 680 pellets 40% OFF SALE
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Mid-range potency 6C close out, 40% off special, regularly $26. Phosphorus is a well known remedy for respiratory conditions of asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, tightness in chest, dry lingering coughs, deep coughs. Phosphorus helps with general fatigue, weakness, irritability.
Phosphorus is a major mineral is our body. Phosphorus is found in the bones, teeth, DNA, etc. Homeopathic Phosphorus is an important remedy for basic constitutional treatment.
Phosphorus helps in first-aid treatment for bleeding. Phosphorus helps to clot blood following dental surgeries, minor hemorrhages, nosebleeds.
Phosphorus helps with illness where limbs tremble, lightheadedness, vomiting.
coughs, colds and laryngitis;
chronic conditions such as anxiety, nervousness, and digestive problems. Digestive conditions of post operative problems; nausea, empty cold feeling, heartburn, flatulent colic. Phosphorus is helpful for dizziness with headache.
Phosphorus is from the element Phosphorus. Phosphorus is the element used on match heads. Phosphorus types tend to be happy, outgoing and get along well with other people. They are generally pleasant and easy to get along with, but watch out if they are over irritated, since they'll ignite and show their anger. They may strike out or fizzle and sulk. And like a burned out match they fizzle after going without sufficient health care, food, or rest. Helpful for fatigue. Fatigued from physical or mental exertion. Can't concentrate.
When ill, Phosphorus people are better with attention and massage.
They are pale in skin coloring. They are the palest in the family photo. Hair often has a lot of red highlights.
Phosphorus people may be artistic. They are good dressers, even the men like to wear colors and be flamboyant.
Skin problems and rashes can become chronic and take a long time to heal.
Weak areas are digestive system, skin, left side, respiratory system, nervous system, circulatory system.
They like spicy foods, cold foods, especially ice creams, cheese. Milk and fish can upset their stomach.
Vomit as soon as cold food or drink warms in the stomach.
Bleeding- nose bleeds, bleeding gums, heavy menstrual flow.
Burning pains- heartburn, sore throats, ulcers.
Worse from mental and physical exertion, warm baths, worry.
May not like thunderstorms, going somewhere dark alone, fears being ill. Better as the day goes on, with fresh air, after eating, after a rest.
Homeopathic Phosphorus is made from the phosphorus in bone ash. Phosphorus is a common remedy for children and adults. Phosphorus children may have dark circles under the eyes. They may be bedwetters. When ill, it may not be apparent how really ill they are. They make their choices and decisions easily, when those around them are being indecisive. Right Sided Complaints. Skin- hard to heal when injured. Sensitive to stress, environment
Phosphorus's Mini Materia Medica:
ANXIETY: Helpful for anxiety, weakness, and fear especially of dark and ghosts.
BLEEDING: Useful for profuse bleeding anywhere. Usually bright red. Dental hemorrhage. Nosebleed. Post operative bleeding
COLDS: Useful for colds that progress to the chest. Body aches, feels sore. Coughs, laryngitis.
CONSTIPATION: Chronic digestive problems. Relieves constipation and stools that are difficult to pass.
COUGHS: Helpful for hard, dry, tickling cough that hurts throat. Racking cough with trembling. Cough increases when talking or breathing cold air. Sensation of heavy weight in chest
DIARRHEA: Useful for diarrhea that is painless, profuse, debilitating. Watery, "pouring away as if from a hydrant". Morning diarrhea, especially in the elderly. Chronic loose stools
HOARSENESS: Useful for hoarseness that may progress to loss of voice
INDIGESTION: Useful for the all-gone empty feeling in the pit of the stomach. Craves cold food & drink. Pain in stomach, relieved by cold food & ice. Regurgitates mouthfuls
INFLUENZA: Useful for influenza with nausea, night sweats, burning pains in stomach and bowels.
LARYNGITIS: Helpful for laryngitis with raw, sore, furry throat. Painful and violent tickling in throat while speaking; sore throat from overuse
NAUSEA: Useful for nausea and morning sickness
PALLOR: Helpful for pale, sickly complexion. May have circumscribed redness in one or both cheeks. Often appears less ill than really is
SURGERY: Take before surgery to minimize bleeding and anesthesia effects.
VERTIGO: Lightheadedness that is worse when standing or changing position quickly, weakness with trembling limbs, dizziness after sun exposure.
VOMITING: Useful when vomiting right after a bite has been eaten, or vomiting as soon as water becomes warm in stomach. Relieves sour taste and belching.
Phosphorus is also known as Phos.

Better from: Open air; massage; cold food or drink.
Worse from: Lying on painful side; physical or mental exertion; thunderstorms; change of weather; worse when wet in hot weather. Worse from warm food or as soon as food warms up in stomach. Person may crave fresh open air. Person does not seem thirsty with nearly all of the above complaints.

Dosage and potency guidelines.
Suggested dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made.
Economy 1 oz bottle with 680 pellets for 225 doses.
  $15.00 Buy Phosphorus 6C economy 1 oz 680 pellets 40% OFF SALE

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