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Product: Bryonia 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets
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Bryonia, Byronia is a well known remedy for pain . Bryonia relieves pain associated with arthritis. Bryonia helps with pain in muscles and joints. Use Bryonia for the aches from illness such as the flu, chest pain from bronchial coughs, stomach flu, and headaches.

Here is a tip to know if Bryonia will be a useful remedy: is the health problem connected with dryness? Suffering from stiff joints or dry sinus passages or dry cough? Then choose Bryonia. Bryonia alba helps with muscle and joint pains.

Bryonia relieves dryness in the stomach and intestines with a sluggish digestion and painful elimination.
Bryonia is helpful for feeling nauseous and weak after eating.
Bryonia is beneficial to a stomach tender to the touch and feels heavy.
Bryonia relieves dry painful stools and a dry hard cough.

Bryonia is useful for long lasting flu and colds, often triggered by cold air, and have a dry, hacking cough with stitching pains, fever, great thirst, dry throat. 
Bryonia is useful is cases when emotions seem more dry and flat, person is quieter than normal.
Bryonia relieves sore throat with dry hard spasmodic coughs.
Bryonia helps with dryness in muscles or joints makes pain worse with motion. Bryonia's Mini Materia Medica:

Arthritis:  Helpful for arthritis with aches in joints and muscles that feel worse with any kind of motion. Painful stiffness. Joints are swollen, hot and red. Pains include sticking and stitching pains.

Colds:  Useful for colds with watery nasal discharge with stuffy nose. Head colds travel down into chest

Constipation:  Beneficial for constipation with stools that are large, dry, and hard. Constipation without any urge.

Coughs:  Helpful for hard, dry, racking, painful cough. Presses hand to chest, makes stomach sore

Diarrhea:  Useful for Diarrhea during hot weather; From cold drinks when overheated.

Digestion:  Helpful for stomach that is extremely sensitive to touch. Feels heavy like a brick in stomach right after eating. Vomits bile or food. Unnatural appetite or total lack of appetite.

Fever:  Helpful for a fever that alternates with chills. Very thirsty for cold water or drinks. Great dryness of all mucus membranes. Pale complexion

Flu:  Useful for flu with stitching and sticking pains. Aching stiffness. Lightheaded and dizzy when standing up.

Headache:  Helpful for a headache with splitting, bursting pain. Pain on stooping, on coughing, on opening eyes in the morning. Pain gradually increasing toward evening

Mood:  Useful for person who wants to be left alone. Feels better without moving, in quiet dark room. Is more irritable and less sociable than usual.

Sore Throat:  Helpful for throat that is painful when swallowing with periodic coughing.
Bryonia is from White Bryonia, potenized from a tincture of the root. Bryonia also known as Bryonia Alba and abbreviated Bry. 

SUGGESTED DOSE: s 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made.

Economy 1 oz, 800 pellets for 265 doses. 10 times more pellets than multidose tubes.

$22.00 Buy Bryonia 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets