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Product: Eel serum 30C economy 1oz 800 pellets
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Eel Serum in homeopathic potency 30C supports kidney function. Eel Serum is safe for humans and animals. Eel Serum may help promote urine flow when urinary suppression is a concern.

Eel Serum 30C supports kidney function and can be used for issues of diuresis, albuminuria, oliguria, anuria, and nephritis. Use Eel Serum as part of your health plan for renal disorders.

Eel Serum supports heart function and can be an adjunct for your health plan for mitral insufficiency, asystolia and cardiac dyspnea. Eel Serum is prepared from the serum of the eel fish. Note: Homeopathic vibration of Eel Serum does not contain any serum substance when potenized. When serum goes under the potenization process, the latent curative powers of the product are brought to the surface.

Eel Serum is also known as Serum Anguillae.

Eel Serum is a single ingredient remedy. Economy size 1 oz bottle of 800 pellets with 200 doses. Pellets are sucrose and cornstarch base.

SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 pellets at one time as one dose. Use 1 dose 1-3 times daily.

$19.99 Buy Eel serum 30C economy 1oz 800 pellets