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Product: Hair Growth Combo economy 1 oz 800 pellets
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Hair Growth Combo to improve hair health. A specialty combination from ELIXIRS.COM to address thinning, dryness, and hair loss. Hair Growth Combo is in a potency blend to address various hair concerns. Includes Pilo Sebaceous Gland which is Hair Bulb to keep hair follicles active.

Hair Growth Combo includes Graphites, Kali Carb, Natrum Mur,  Hair Bulb,  Silicea, and Sepia.

Hair Growth Combo includes Graphites to address aging hair damage and hair breakage.

Hair Growth Combo includes Kali Carb to address general hair loss. Kali Carb is listed for hair loss from eyebrows. Kali Carb is listed for brittle hair. Hair that is not growing as long as before. Hair that is breaking off.  

Hair Growth Combo includes Natrum Mur to address men or women's hair loss. Natrum Mur naturally supports the thyroid, which in turn can slow hair loss due to low thyroid.

Hair Growth Combo includes Hair Bulb/ Pilo Sebaceous Gland to help follicles to remain in the active growing stage. When follicles begin to shut down, hair becomes thinner. Hair Bulb may help to prevent follicles from shutting down to prevent permanent hair loss.

Hair Growth Combo includes Silicea. Silicea or Silica is an important mineral for healthy shiny hair.

Hair Growth Combo includes Sepia to help with hair loss due to stress or hormonal stages, such as perimenopause and menopause. Sepia can help with stress and hair loss during burnout, emotional or physical poor health. Sepia helps with hair loss following stressful times, such as following a shock, postpartum depression. Sepia supports the thyroid.

"Hair Growth Combo is the only thing that's stopped my hair from falling out in gobs," SK

Hair Growth Combo is a potency blend, called F, blend of 12C. 30C and 200C to address the complexities of hair issues. Pellets are a base of sucrose and GMO Free cornstarch.

SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 pellets taken at one time as one dose. Use one dose 3 times daily. Because each hair is going through different growth cycles, in order to notice improvement, it is important to use the product regularly and not start and stop the product randomly. Hair is mainly protein, so improve your diet with more protein and nutritious food to nourish the hair.


$22.00 Buy Hair Growth Combo economy 1 oz 800 pellets