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Product: Headache Combo 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets 25% SALE
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Headache Combo offers natural remedies to help with your headache challenge Regularly $22, special 25% off.. Headache pain can be constant or intermittent. Pain can come on suddenly from food, caffeine, hormone changes, weather. Cluster headaches and migraines can be unrelenting. Headache pain can be dull, throbbing or sharp. Additional concurrent symptoms, such as sinus issues, or digestive issues may be associated with your particular headache. Our Headache Combo combines remedies with the best cross section for your intense pain.

Customer's emails, "Your Headache Combo is a favorite go to for my migraines". TM in NJ. and

"Thank you for your prompt reply and for making such life changing elixirs. Headache Combo as helped me tremendously. TC in SC. 

Stress and tension headaches are common. A dull, aching sensation may present itself all over your head. Tenderness or sensitivity may be felt around the neck, forehead, scalp, or shoulder muscles.

Headache Combo can be used for sudden, intermittent, or long standing pain.  Headache Combo can be used whether pain is localized in one area, such as the temples, or all over.  

 Headache Combo includes Belladonna, Cinchona, Gelsemium, Iris Versi and Pulsatilla all in 30C potency. This potency is good for 1st aid or chronic pain. 

Headache Combo includes Belladonna for throbbing headaches with pressure, confusion, cloudiness, vertigo. For headaches with sharp shooting pains. Can be brought on by eating or blood pressure. Worse with motion, perspiration. Helpul for headaches during menses. 

Headache Combo includes Cinchona, also goes by China off. Cinchona for migraines. For sudden headache, piercing in the crown of the head. Congestion in the head with heat and pressure. One sided headaches. Sensitivity and sweat on scalp. Congestion and feeling head will burst. 

Headache Combo includes Gelsemium for migraine with blurred vision. Pressure on vertex extending to shoulder. Pulsing of the arteries. Neuralgic headache. Headache may be accompanied by chill, heat, nausea, vomiting. 

Headache Combo includes Iris Versi for headaches in temples and eyes. Headache in forehead and top of head. Sick headache from sweets. Headache as if band around forehead. For migraines. 

Headache Combo includes Pulsatilla for exertion headaches, sinus headaches and hormone headaches. PMS headaches. Good for headaches that include vertigo, nausea, ringing in ears. 

SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 to 6 pellets at one time as one dose. 

Acute pain: Take 1 dose every 15 minutes for 4 doses at first sign of pain. Take pellets at first sign of pain without concern if around other remedies or food. Repeat as needed.   

Chronic pain: Take 1 dose 1 to 5 times daily as is suitable for your system. 

Specialty Combo formulated by Kathryn Jones Homeopathic Specialist. Purchase 2 or more Specialty Combos, mix or match, for $1 off each.

$15.99 Buy Headache Combo 30C economy 1 oz 800 pellets 25% SALE