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Product: Mold Combo 6C economy 1 oz size
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Mold Combo/ Mold Mix is a great product for people suffering from symptoms of mold allergies. Mold Combo/ Mold Mix is a combination product with 6C potency of 2 common fungi that cause allergies and infections: Alternaria and Aspergillus. Alternaria and Aspergillus are found indoors and outdoors and can cause allergic responses that can lead to infections, asthma, and other respiratory issues.
Alternaria are found growing on carpets, textiles and moist areas such as window frames.
The data supporting aspergillus as an environmental pathogen include that infection starts in sinuses or lungs. Outbreaks are associated with unfiltered air, contaminated ventilation systems at intake and exhaust ducts, and dust that is dislodged by renovation and construction. When hospitals improved ventilation systems cases decreased 10 fold( http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/heic/id/aspergillus/ ).
Use Mold Combo for chronic sinus infections. Why? Because chronic sinus problems often have an underlying mold/fungus issue. Other symptoms such as sinus irritation, skin irritation, gastrointestinal problems, and lightheadedness may be due to mold allergens.
Homeopathic potenized allergens gently, safely expose the person. This allows the natural defenses to properly adapt to the allergen and no longer react to it adversely. Overexposure to molds when working or cleaning can lead to allergy symptoms. How does Homeopathy help? Homeopathy seeks to naturally stimulate the body's natural defenses against allergy symptoms. Homeopathic potenized allergens balance and allow the body to react less frequently and less severely to allergens.
Prolonged exposure to molds has been shown to increase the chances of developing asthma, type I diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Mold is behind many chronic conditions.
Economy 1 oz bottle with 800 pellets. Pellets are in a base of sucrose and cornstarch.

Suggested dose is 3 pellets taken as one dose.
Take one dose 1 to 2 times daily. Use with less frequency as improvement is made.
Can use additional doses before and after mold exposure.
  $19.95 Buy Mold Combo 6C economy 1 oz size

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