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Product: Respiratory Combo 6X 1 oz pellets
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Respiratory Combo is a combination of remedies for supporting the respiratory system. Respiratory Combo may be used for symptoms of bronchitis; symptoms connected with problems of the sinuses; or respiratory symptoms from viral conditions.
Use for symptoms from irriatation of the nasal passages and sinuses, irritation of the throat and lungs. Symptoms such as coughs, runny nose, post nasal drip, sinus headaches, excess mucus. Respiratory Combo includes a combination of products to combat nasal infection.

Respiratory Combo includes Cinnabaris, also known as Mercurius Sulphuratus Ruber for infections, sinus congestion, dry cough.

Respiratory Combo also contains Ferrum Phos. Ferrum Phos is the blood's oxygen carrier. Ferrum Phos is used therefore for inflammation, painful swelling, fever, congestion.

Respiratory Combo includes Mercurius Solubilis. Mercurius in homeopathic potency is safe and well known remedy for chronic infections.
All remedies are in a 6X potency, also known as D6 potency.
Respiratory Combo 6X in an economy 1 oz bottle of 800 pellets with 265 doses. Pellets are in a base of sucrose and cornstarch.

For symptom relief: 3 pellets at one time and repeat 3 times a day. Slowly decrease frequency as improvement is made.

For acute symptoms: 3 pellets taken at one time and repeated every 2 hours for 6 doses
For nighttime symptoms: 3 pellets in the evening; 3 pellets before bedtime and 3 pellets as needed during the night.

Specialty COMBO product, purchase 2 or more mix or match for $1 off each COMBO product.
$19.99 Buy Respiratory Combo 6X 1 oz pellets