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Product: Blood Tonic Combo 30C 1 fluid oz spray top
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No Picture Blood Tonic Combo promotes general well-being. Can use Blood Tonic Combo for fatigue, recovery from illness, and anemia issues. Blood tonics may also be beneficial for aging issues such as aging skin and hair. Safe for all ages.
Blood Tonic Combo includes the following all in 30C potency:
Ferrum Phos is included to help with anemia and red blood cell issues. Ferrum Phos is the Tissue Salt primarily responsible for distributing oxygen throughout the body. Decrease in oxygen distribution contributes to fatigue. Helpful for women during reproductive years and during menstruation:

Bone Marrow is included for bone marrow support. Supporting bone marrow function is beneficial for T-cells and immunity. Bone marrow is a spongy tissue found in various bone in the body. Bone marrow produces white blood cells to fight infection and red blood cells to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, and platelets to aid blood clotting and healing.

Phosphorus is included to support blood circulation. Phosphorus helps with circulation in the respiratory system so helpful for bronchitis, coughs, and asthma. Phosphorus helps with general fatigue, weakness, anxiety, irritability, slow recovery from illness.

Kali Phos is a great tonic, known as the pick-me-up remedy. Kali Phos is from the mineral potassium phosphate, an important electrolyte for mental and physical energy. Potassium supports the adrenals to make Blood Tonic Combo ideal during stress.

Contains no bovine or supplements. Economy 1 oz bottle with 200 sprays.
SUGGESTED DOSE: 2-3 sprays in the mouth at one time as one dose.
Improved circulation dose: One dose 3 times daily.
Fatigue dose: One dose 3 times daily.
Anemia dose: One dose 3 times daily.
General well being: One dose daily.
  $19.99 Buy Blood Tonic Combo 30C 1 fluid oz spray top

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