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Product: Metal Detox Combo 200C economy 1 oz/ 800 pellets
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Metal Detox Combo is a great product for people concerned about health concerns and toxicity from exposure to heavy metals. Heavy metals become toxic when they are not metabolized by the body and accumulate in the soft tissues.
Heavy metals may enter the human body through food, water, air, or absorption through the skin.
Metal Detox is a combination product with 200C potency of Cadmium/ Cadmium Metallicum; Lead/Plumbum Met; and Mercury/Mercurius Metallicum.

Metal Detox Combo is useful for dental health concerns. Mercury can cause many dental or other symptoms and can leach from old or recent amalgam fillings. Cadmium is used in dental work, especially implants, dentures, etc.
Cadmium and Mercury are used in dental alloys, and found in dental fillings and crowns. Lead and Cadmium are shown to be deposited in the enamel.

Lead is in batteries, car exhaust, old paint, etc. Lead and Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke, etc. Children may come in contact with lead and cadmium from contaminated dirt or chewing on old lead painted furniture.
Toxic metals, including "heavy metals," are individual metals and metal compounds that negatively affect people's health. Heavy metals can build up in the body and become a significant health hazard.
Cadmium is a concern for welders from cadmium-containing alloys and silver solders.
Lead dust can enter the body is through inhalation of gas, paint fumes, or soldering fumes. Even though most lead has been removed from gasoline, nearly 98 percent of airborne lead is from gasoline emissions. Although inhaled lead comprises a much smaller portion of exposure than ingested lead, between 30 and 50 percent of inhaled lead enters the bloodstream. Inhalation is also a concern in occupational exposure areas; welders where lead solder is used; construction work; and firing ranges.
Heavy metal toxicity can result in physical and mental health concerns with damage to the central nervous function.
Economy 800 pellets. Pellet base is sucrose and cornstarch.

3 to 6 pellets taken at one time is considered one dose.
For acute symptoms, use one dose 3 times daily. Reassess response monthly. Move to one time daily when symptoms decrease as a maintenance dose.
$1 off purchase of 2 or more of any of our specialty combos.
  $18.00 Buy Metal Detox Combo 200C economy 1 oz/ 800 pellets

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