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Product: DHEA 6C 400 pellets
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DHEA is produced in the body by the adrenal glands. As with other hormones and glandulars, using the product in its homeopathic potency is a safe way to support normal function and balance the body.
DHEA/Dehydroepiandrosterone in 6C potency enables the body to better utilize and balance DHEA. DHEA is made in in the human body and secreted by the adrenal gland. DHEA is converted as needed into other hormones.
Some people may not synthesize enough DHEA. DHEA levels peak in early adulthood and then start a lifelong descent. By the age of 60, DHEA levels are only about 5–15% of what they were at their peak at younger ages. DHEA has been studied for benefits for the aging, especially in areas of mental funtion and immune function.
Balancing DHEA levels may improve fatigue and low libido. The conversion of DHEA into testosterone may account for the fact that low blood levels of DHEA have been reported in some men with erectile dysfunction.
DHEA levels in the body begin to decrease after age 30. DHEA levels maybe depleted by medication including insulin, corticosteroids, opiates, and danazol.
Information on this kosher parve product.
Information on the manufacturing process for this product.
Ingredient is DHEA 6C potency in 1/2 oz bottle with 400 pellets, 133 doses, sucrose base. SUGGESTED DOSE: 3 pellets taken at one time as one dose. Slowly dissolve pellets in mouth.
Women use 1 dose weekly.
Men up to age 50 use 1 dose weekly.
Men over age 50 may find improved benefits with a daily dose.
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